Weekend Review: Breakthrough




     The past month has been pretty awful weather-wise, and this week was no different. Snow Monday, snow and ice Tuesday night, and we were expected to get thirty inches this weekend, but, last that I heard, that storm has changed course. I really hope that’s true because Caollin and London are being baptized on Sunday!! I’m really hoping I don’t have to postpone it because of another snowstorm.
     Anyway…on with my weekend review.
     I actually made it to church for once on Sunday because the weather was decent enough to get out of the driveway. Caollin and London were recorded giving their testimonies for their baptism this Sunday. The testimonies are usually given in person on the day it actually happens, but when children decide to get baptized, they’ll tape it so the kids aren’t too uncomfortable. Believe me, the girls really appreciate that!
     Devin spent the weekend at her friend’s house and came home Sunday afternoon. She hadn’t seen her since July, so she had a really good time.
     My panic from last week continued for part of the weekend, until I had a breakthrough when I realized one of the reasons my kids weren’t really doing anything was because of me. I was pressuring them so much about doing educational activities that I was stifling their creativity, so this week has been about standing back and watching them live life.
     There was so much snow that this was an excellent week for snowboarding. Starting Monday, Dillon and Arianna’s friend had a couple of snow days, so they spent them snowboarding and sledding on a hill at the nearby creek.
     Dillon and Arianna have also been making several YouTube videos. Dillon has been researching Minecraft mods and skins and whatnot and posting videos about how to download and install them. Arianna has been making her own makeup tutorials.
     Caollin, London, Bailey, and Ireland have been playing ”restaurant” all week. They’re very into it. Caollin made menus,


and they’ve been busy taking orders and setting tables in Caollin and London’s bedroom.


     Devin finished up her astronomy unit this week and has moved on to oceanography.
     Tuesday was really just a continuation of Monday’s activities. More snowboarding, restaurant play, and YouTube video production.
     Dillon found some really cool maps for Minecraft, and Caollin and he have been incorporating them into Towns they’ve been creating for the past couple of weeks.
     Caollin decided to advertise for her restaurant, so she made some illustrations of the foods they serve.
     Wednesday we researched birds indigenous to Pennsylvania and were delighted to find out that there are roadrunners here! We’ll have to check exactly where because we’d love to see one. They’re so cute!
     Dillon watched a documentary about the titan boa with his dad, and Arianna researched plants and pollination in an Abeka science book a friend gave us. Caollin and London were still busy working at their restaurant.
     On Thursday the funniest thing happened. London came downstairs crying her eyes out. I asked her what was wrong. Apparently Caollin fired her for leaving her shift early! I had to laugh because this was like a real job to them! Caollin was lecturing London about what her responsibilities are as a server. Later, I heard Caollin hire Bailey as a busboy, Ireland as a dishwasher, and Summer as a hostess.


The dishwashing station


The restaurant pantry


The restaurant was moved downstairs today, so Kenzie became a customer

     Devin was busy researching how silk is made. She doesn’t mind doing projects as long as she can somehow incorporate art into it.


     Dillon made a really neat water slide and cabin on Minecraft.


     I went upstairs to see what Arianna was up to and found her copying passages from Psalms in rainbow markers! What a neat idea!
     Friday will probably be more of the same and a trip to the grocery store. I really don’t mind the fact that the kids did pretty much the same thing everyday because they’re delving deeper and deeper into these activities, and they’re really passionate about them.
     So, this is what our house has looked like this week…not too exciting, but the kids were happy, content, and learning, so that’s good enough for me!

How was your week?

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Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Review: Breakthrough”

  1. Looks like a busy week. I hope the snow holds off for the baptism. We had the opportunity to tour a silk factory a few years ago during one of our trips to China. That was a fun experience.


  2. Oh that snow. You have a bit more than what we got in Ohio, I think. I hear more is coming tomorrow. I like how you are embracing interest led learning. We do a bit of that, but mostly we are eclectic.
    Thanks for linking up This Week @ Great Peace Academy


  3. I’m so ready for snow and ice to go away! The kids have been pushed to be much more creative indoors with all the subzero temps, their outdoor time has been in short spurts.

    I love reading how your children dive deeper and deeper. One of the blessings of homeschooling is the time to do just that! I know my kids all go into phases where they are consumed by a topic. They drink deep and when they are full move to something new. Then they may go back to the old again.

    Do your children do Minecraft on the computer or something else? Ours have just started it the last few Saturdays on the XBox360. We’re opposites in the media department 😉 We only do ‘video games’ on Saturdays for 20-30 minutes each. The kids are spending a lot of time thinking and considering what to do next in Minecraft during the week, which is fun to listen to, especially when they decide to draw out their ideas or write lists so they don’t forget…LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend even though the baptisms were cancelled!


    1. Dillon and Caollin were doing Minecraft PE, but now Dillon and Devin just got laptops, so I got Minecraft PC for them. Dillon’s main curriculum next year will be Minecraft Homeschool, so it was worth the investment.


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