The Five Funniest Things My Kids Have Ever Said

Only pic in existence with us and all of our kiddos
Only pic in existence with us and all of our kiddos

Having a family this size means that we hear lots of funny stuff from our kids…all the time. It was hard narrowing it down, but I think these are the most comical things our kids have said.

1. I found my 3-year-old (who’s now 12) in the bathroom, and she had used almost an entire roll of toilet paper and had clogged up the toilet. As I was cleaning it out, I said,
“You don’t have to use this much toilet paper. You don’t have a big butt!” She looked innocently at me and replied, “Only you do, Mommy?”

2. When my oldest was about 6, I was out back hanging up wash when he came outside and said to me, “It’s all gonna end, you know,” I just looked at him and asked him what was going to end. “Life.” Okaay…yeah, my kids get a little morbid at times, like this next one will also illustrate.

3. I was driving with Devin when she was about 5 when I heard her mumbling something. I asked her what she said, and she replied, “Mommy’s gonna die soon.” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little freaked out for a few days.

4. Luke has the most beautiful, curly, blonde hair, and I’m always telling him so. A few months ago, he was mad that he got in trouble for something, and he said, “Okay. That’s it…I’m gonna go mess my hair up!” He came downstairs a few minutes later with his hair combed flat against his head in the middle but still curly on both sides.

5. Choosing this one was difficult because there are so many more examples but here goes. I told Summer that she was naughty because she had done something wrong. She looked up at me and said, “But me still pretty?” I couldn’t stay mad at her anymore. “Yes, you’re still pretty.”

What are some funny things your kids have said?

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Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

18 thoughts on “The Five Funniest Things My Kids Have Ever Said”

  1. I love your family picture! It’s hard for us to get a picture of all of us together, too. Last night my 4-year-old—who is probably the feistiest, stubbornest, one we’ve had—announced she was wearing her Superman cape and cowgirl boots to bed “forever and always.” Sure enough, she did! If you’d have seen the feisty look on her face that dared me to tell her not to….She’s so funny!


  2. This is great! I love the cute things kids say! I have a little book where I write down these things. But when the book isn’t handy, I always think I’ll remember what it is to write it down later, and I never do!


  3. This isn’t really funny, but it does show just how much children understand.

    There is a little girl we’ll call Addy at our Ballet school whom my daughter always plays with while little one is in her toddler class. For whatever reason this week, Addy didn’t want to play. My daughter moved on to another little girl to play and I assumed it was no big deal. That night after bedtime books I always ask my girls to make up their own stories.

    “Once upon a time there was a fairy named Addy, her wings were broken and she couldn’t fly. I tried to help her fly, but she didn’t want to fly. Not today. The end”


  4. I made some scrambled eggs with some vegetables in them for dinner the other day. They didn’t look really appetizing, probably because of the mushrooms which I put in them added extra brown-ness….but I thought they still tasted pretty good. I asked the kids if they liked them. My 7 year old said, “They taste like puke.” I said “oh, really?” Then he said, “It turns out that I like the taste of puke.”

    What? Who are these people???? My own little alien wierdos…



  5. My girls are both teens now, and I know there were plenty of funny things they said when they were younger. Sadly, though, I can’t think of any of them now! I should have written them down. Your list was fun to read!


  6. Oh I love these.
    One time when my now 22yr old was young I was hanging clothes out on the line, a bra in particular when he walked up to me. He asked me what that was. I told him it was for underwear for women’s boobs. He then asked me why I had it. I said well honey I am a woman. He replied no you aren’t, You are a Mom.
    True enough. Hard to find fault in that statement. LOL


    1. Kids are so cute. When my 20-year-old was about 3, I took him to a country music concert. (Ricochet and John Michael Montgomerey). Ricochet was signing autographs after the show, and when it was our turn, one of the band members said to him, “Hey, chief! You’re the little guy I was waving at!” My son rolled his eyes and said, “I’m not a chief. I’m a boy!” Darn it. I should’ve used that one!


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