Lazy Day Links- 7/1/16

lazy day links
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I can’t believe it’s July 4th weekend already. It seems like only yesterday I was thanking my lucky stars that winter was over!

I’m so excited right now because I just came back from shopping for our school supplies. 🙂 The only thing we need are the copy paper and ink we ordered off of eBay. Once those come in, we’re ready to go!

On with the links…

My Favorite Posts:

How to Homeschool Multiple Children by Keeping It Simple– Practical by Default

Confused about Why I Blog- Get Your Answer– Practical by Default

Are We Still Unschooling?– Nourishing My Scholar

Gentle Homeschool- It Is Enough– Jimmie’s Collage

Reason 295- Because It Is Illegal for Public Schools to Teach Wisdom– 365 Reasons to Homeschool


Posts You May Have Missed:

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Drop Your Schoolish Mindset So Your Kids Can Get a Real Education


(This post contains affiliate links.)

Books Worth Reading and Movies Worth Watching:

Dinotopia- A Land Apart from Time– James Gurney

Dinotopia- TV Miniseries

Soul Surfer- A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board– Bethany Hamilton

Soul Surfer- Movie

The World of Little House– Carolyn Strom Collins


Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

6 thoughts on “Lazy Day Links- 7/1/16”

  1. That is my favorite thing to do. Would love to see a post of what you got 🙂 hehe. My daughter and I plan it as a mommy daughter day and we go when the sales are hot! Plus we get a giggle out of the panicked looking moms with the kids screaming for the latest buys or not wanting to go to school. We might be a tad evil….

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    1. No wonder we get along. 😉 I had to go now since we’re starting 7/11. As soon as I saw that Walmart had their spiral notebooks for .17 each I was there.


  2. Awe, I’m honored to be one of your favorite posts this week!
    I LOVE shopping for school supplies. I always get to much paper and not enough pain’t and pencils! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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