5 Days of Christmas Lists- Day 1- 25 Must-Read Christmas Books

This is going to be an exciting week! For the next 5 days in a row, I’m going to be linking up with iHomeschoolNetwork.com and a slew of other iHN bloggers to bring you some amazing ideas and inspiration for the upcoming holidays.

Keep your eyes open this week for posts on:

Day 1- 25 Must-Read Christmas Books (That’s this post!)

Day 2- 25 Fun and Engaging Christmas Activities

Day 3- 25 Christmas Specials That Are Near and Dear to Our Hearts

Day 4- 25 Simple and Creative Christmas Crafts

Day 5- 25 Christmas Goodies to Make with Your Kids

As most of my regular readers know, I love books. Whether it’s reading them to myself, reading aloud to the kids, or letting my children read to me, I’m happiest when I’ve got a book in my hands.

So what better way to start off this series than with a list of our family’s…

25 Must-Read Christmas Books


25 must-read Christmas books

Chapter Books

1.Little House Christmas Treasury– Laura Ingalls Wilder

This wonderful book is a compilation of all of the Christmas-related stories as told in the Little House series.

2.A Christmas Carol– Charles Dickens

Although most of us have heard of or seen movie renditions of this classic, how many of us have actually read it? It’s definitely worth checking out!

3.Cracked Classics- Humbug Holiday- Book #4- A Christmas Carol– Tony Abbott

This is a perfect alternative for those children who may not do well with A Christmas Carol, but who would enjoy the story with a modern twist.

4.Portraits of Little Women- Christmas Dreams– Susan Beth Pfeffer

This book is inspired by the writings of Louisa May Alcott and is a heartwarming collection of stories our family loves!


Picture Books

5.A Chick ‘n’ Pug Christmas– Jennifer Sattler

This is a cute twist to Moore’s The Night Before Christmas.

6.The Snowbelly Family of Chillyville Inn– Hallmark Holiday Series

Join in on the adventures of this adorable snow family and their inn!

7.Mary Engelbreit’s Nutcracker– Mary Engelbreit

This is a beautiful story based on The Nutcracker with colorful photographs that are sure to keep your kiddos mesmerized!

8.What Dogs Want for Christmas– Kandy Radzinski

Poetry is the medium used for the telling of what these playful pups want for Christmas.

9.“I’m not Santa!”– Jonathan Allen

Your family’s heart will melt at the sometimes grumpy, yet adorable, main character of this story who insists that he’s not Santa!

10. Christmas Time– Catherine Stock

Using beautiful watercolor photos, this book is all about the hustle and bustle that goes into preparing for Christmas.

11.The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree– Gloria Houston

Set in 1918, this is a touching tale about a little girl and her family who are desperately waiting for their father to come home from the war in time to give their town a promised Christmas tree.

12.Mater Saves Christmas– Kiel Murray

A Disney Christmas book starring Mater from Cars. Need I say more?

13.Christmas Is…– Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbons doesn’t disappoint in this informative, yet interesting, book focusing on why we celebrate this glorious holiday.

14.Max’s Christmas– Rosemary Wells

Max insists on sleeping downstairs on Christmas Eve after being instructed not to by his big sister Ruby. Find out what happens when Santa arrives!

15.Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!– Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin

Uh-oh! Who’s stuck in Farmer Brown’s chimney? I’ll give you a hint- it’s not Santa!

16.The Worst Person’s Christmas– James Stevenson

This is a funny, yet touching, story about a grouchy old man who hates Christmas. Never fear, though. That doesn’t stop a group of caring children to show him what the holiday is really about!

17.Memoirs of an Elf– Devin Scillian

In this day and age of celebrity after celebrity writing their memoirs for the world to see, who wouldn’t want to read about the life of one of Santa’s elves? (Much more interesting than any celebrity in my opinion…)

18. Cranberry Christmas– Wende and Harry Devlin

Join Grandmother, Maggie, and Mr. Whiskers for another holiday on the cranberry farm. 

19.Who Was Born This Special Day?– Eve Bunting and Leonid Gore

This book is perfect for younger children in the simple, yet lovely, message combined with exquisite illustrations.

20.The Polar Express– Chris Van Allsburg

No holiday is complete without this story of a little boy who no longer believes in Santa but gets a surprise nighttime visit from the Polar Express.

21.The Gingerbread Pirates– Kristin Kladstrup

This comical tale is about a group of gingerbread pirates who wait until after their maker has gone to sleep to escape the clutches of a notorious cannibal named Santa Claus!

22.Grandfather’s Christmas Camp– Marc McCutcheon

Lizzie and her grandfather set off on Christmas Eve to find their dog. What a wondrous night this turns out to be, indeed!

23.J Is for Jesus- The Sweetest Story Ever Told– Crystal Bowman

This adorable board book is perfect for reading about Jesus to toddlers and ohter children who are still in the “ripping pages” stage.

24.God Gave Us Christmas– Lisa Tawn Bergren

Amid all the festivities surrounding the holiday season, it is so important to focus on why we really celebrate Christmas.

25.The Christmas Story for Children– Max Lucado

Who could pass up any book by Max Lucado? 

I hope you’ve been reminded of some of your old Christmas favorites or, perhaps, found some new titles you’d like to try. What are some of your favorite Christmas books?


Be sure to check out what the other bloggers of iHomeschoolNetwork are up to!

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30 thoughts on “5 Days of Christmas Lists- Day 1- 25 Must-Read Christmas Books”

  1. I’ve never read #3,4. Looks like I need to hurry to the library! Love Mary Engelbreit! And the only one of the picture books I’ve ever read is Polar Express, cuz I had to! I do love other Max Lucado books, and videos, so I’m sure I’d like this one!

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  2. I had no idea there was a Mater Christmas book! I also had no idea, books were still being made with accompanying audio. I loved those as a kid! My dad still has my Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel MaryAnne record. Thanks! I bet our kids will get a big kick out of the format as well.

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  3. Fun list! A couple years ago, when we lived in Peru and my college kids visited us over Christmas vacation, we enjoyed reading, A Christmas Carol, as a family. This year I bought a CD of Charles Dickens other Christmas stories so I’m excited to dive into that in our homeschool.

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