5 Days of Christmas Lists- 25 Simple and Creative Christmas Crafts

Have you ever walked into a craft store at this time of year? Oh. my. goodness. The combination of the luscious aromas, beautiful visual displays, and sale signs everywhere are enough to send even the least crafty of us into a frenzy. There’s something about Christmas that brings out our creative sides.

Being a homeschool parent is such a perk at Christmastime because not only do we benefit from educator’s discounts at most craft stores, but we also have the option of letting go of our formal curriculum to take advantage of the bounty of Christmas crafts beckoning to us on Pinterest.

Admit it. You’re addicted to Pinterest, too. 

Since today is the first day of December, what better way to celebrate these 25 days of Christmas than by letting you in on 25 simple, yet unique, crafts to beautify this holiday season?

So grab your scissors and your glue guns, and get ready for some artistic inspiration!


25 Christmas Craft Ideas


1. Salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

Whether you use a variety of cookie cutters or craft these by hands, these ornaments are sure to be a big hit!

2. Cinnamon applesauce Christmas tree ornaments

These fragrant decorations are a lovely alternative (or addition) to the salt dough ornaments.

3. Milk carton gingerbread houses

These adorable houses are a great activity for young children who may have difficulties putting together an actual gingerbread house. (Find simple instructions right here, but use Christmasy candy such as peppermints, gumdrops, miniature candy canes, Skittles, and Fruit Loops, instead.)

4. Paper plate Christmas wreaths

These are also perfect for younger children, and they’re so inexpensive to make! Simply cut a hole out of the middle of a paper plate, paint it (or color it) green, add any variety of decorations, and don’t forget a bow at the top!

5. Melted peppermint candy ornaments

We haven’t made these ourselves, yet, but as soon as I get to the store to get the peppermints, they’re on our to do list! I love this particular tutorial because the author also included what not to do. That’s always important.

6. Hand print wreaths

What better way to preserve the little outlines of those hands as a keepsake than by making them into adorable hand print wreaths?

7. Reindeer Rice Krispies

These decorations are so adorable I could eat them! Wait…

8. Fingerprint Christmas lights cards

In case you haven’t noticed, keepsake decorations are big with me. This craft is perfect for even 1 and 2 year olds to participate in!

9. Paper Christmas ornaments

Running low on craft supplies? All you need for these are paper, tape, and scissors. Super simple.

10. Lego Christmas ornaments

Have a Lego fanatic in your house? Incorporate that fascination into making colorful decorations for your Christmas tree!

11. Frozen Olaf salt dough ornament

So we’ve used little handprints and fingerprints for crafts so far. Now it’s time to bring on the footprints!

12. Bubble wrap baubles

Bubble wrap isn’t just for popping anymore!

13. Paper shape Christmas trees

This is another super simple craft for very young children that only requires scissors, glue, and construction paper.

14. Paint chip Christmas garland

I love this so much because it’s decorative, colorful, and so inexpensive. The main staple for this festive craft is free paint swatches from the local hardware store. I absolutely adore this idea!

15. Reverse fingerprint Christmas tree cards

These are a wonderful gift for the grandparents!

16. Paper plate Grinch

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Grinch!

17. Kid-friendly DIY photo ornament

I always used to love getting the photo ornaments from the nursery staff of our old church. Each year, I pull them out and a flood of memories come back to me. Time to make some memories of your own!

18. Christmas tree decorating felt busy bag

When I was a little girls, I was enamored by the felt storyboard in my Sunday School class. What child doesn’t love them? This is an insanely easy craft that only requires scissors, felt, and a bag to put them in. The best thing about this craft is that your child can actually play with it over and over again.

19. Bead and pipe cleaner icicle ornaments

These ornaments are a beautiful and sparkling addition to any Christmas tree!

20. Popsicle sticks and twigs Christmas tree ornaments

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are constantly bringing in sticks and twigs from outside in the yard. This is a fabulous idea for putting them to good use!

21. Dried orange slices

I know this might sound like an odd addition to a Christmas craft post, but dried orange slices make beautiful and fragrant holiday decorations.

22. CD snowman ornaments

Don’t throw away your old CD’s. Make a houseful of snowman faces, instead!

23. Washi tape Christmas cards

These cards are so easy to make, yet so festive.

24. Santa hat Christmas ornaments

This craft is another simple and frugal activity for your kids. All you need for this are some craft sticks, glue, and cotton balls.

25. Minecraft creeper Christmas ornaments

Minecraft is all the rage with kids of all ages, so these creeper ornaments will be the hit of any Christmas party!


Now how’s that for some crafting inspiration? What great ideas do you have? Leave a comment!

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Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

34 thoughts on “5 Days of Christmas Lists- 25 Simple and Creative Christmas Crafts”

  1. Fantastic craft list! I love the Creeper ornaments and the paint chip card garlands. We like to buy those clear plastic ornament balls and fill them with beads, buttons, glitter, confetti, sand and shells (whatever we have in our craft box that will fit inside). They are fun to shake!

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  2. Wow! Talk about evoking images of elementary school, and Sunday school crafts from childhood! Thanks, I’d forgotten about most of these! We also used to make angels out of paper plates!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. These are some great ideas! I am also a homeschool mama, and am happy to be your neighbor at Fresh Market Friday! We just did the salt dough ornaments this week–we’ll definitely have to try some of these ones too! Thanks for compiling this great list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We were going to string popcorn, but I heard that it’s very time consuming, so I didn’t know if my kids would handle that well. We did start strringing Fruit Loops until my 5 year old started eating it because she thought that’s what it was for, lol.


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