Take the Kids to Switzerland with the CASE OF ADVENTURE Switzerland Unit Study

I love unit studies.

 If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’re probably tired of hearing about it, but I can’t help it. It’s true. Combine the quaint beauty of Switzerland with a unit study, and you’ve got me hooked. That’s why I was so excited to discover CASE OF ADVENTURE

CASE OF ADVENTURE- Destination Switzerland

(I received a complimentary copy of Cuckoo Clock Secrets and CASE OF ADVENTURE downloads and was compensated for my time. All opinions are entirely my own.)

When it comes to unit studies, there are a few things that are absolute musts in order for me to use them. They’ve got to be accompanied by quality literature, contain lots of hands-on activities for my fidgety children, and they’ve got to be grounded in Truth.

CASE OF ADVENTURE completely blew my expectations out of the water with the Destination Switzerland Unit Study.

An Overview of CASE OF ADVENTURE: Destination Switzerland Unit Study

This unit study is based on the book, Cuckoo Clock Secrets in Switzerland, an adventure-filled tale about a South African family who find a mysterious gold coin in a cuckoo clock at their grandparents’ house. After the father receives word he must travel to Switzerland for work, he brings the entire family along to solve the mystery of who put the coin there and why it was there in the first place. What follows is a trek all over Switzerland with a family on a mission- in more ways than one.

This book is written in an easy-to-read and understandable format, so it works well as either a read-aloud or as something your child will do independently. At the end of each chapter are “missions” to be accomplished, in addition to a huge assortment of minibooks, codes, and puzzles available in the unit study and MEGA Travel Activity Pack.

There are literally hundreds of printables and activities available for you to choose from, in addition to links to videos and websites that may be helpful in your learning journey. These aren’t your average, dull worksheets, but are, instead, fun and engaging enough to leave your child begging you to do more when the day is done. Some examples are:

  • secret codes
  • menus
  • packing lists
  • maps
  • search-a-words
  • journal pages

What’s more, the teacher’s guide includes wonderful and creative suggestions for hands-on activities such as setting up the room to look like the inside of an airplane, train, and funicular.

The CASE OF ADVENTURE website also has an excellent tutorial on how to make a lapbook to display your child’s huge, colorful collection of “souvenirs” they’ve collected along the way. It’s an excellent way to display your child’s hard work throughout this unit.

Why I Love This Switzerland Unit Study

I’m going to admit, when I first received the downloadable activities, I was a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choices there were to make. This unit study is one of the most exhaustively thought-out resources I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot. Thankfully, I soon came across a teacher’s guide which lays everything out chapter-by-chapter, down to listing exactly which printable you’ll need for which day.

As a mom of many, I really appreciate that.

Out of all the activities, my two children who completed this unit study absolutely loved the secret codes and the videos that accompany each chapter. (Okay, I found the videos pretty fascinating, too!)

In our homeschool, we use YouTube quite a bit to supplement our learning. One thing I don’t particularly enjoy about that is the time spent searching for appropriate videos. There’s no need to worry about that here. CASE OF ADVENTURE has included a link that features all of the suggested videos, organized by chapter sitting there waiting for you.

Gotta love it.

Lastly, I’ve got to say that these were the most epic lapbooks we’ve ever done in our eight years of homeschooling.

Aren’t they awesome?!

My kids and I had such a great time these past few weeks learning more about this majestic country than I ever thought I would! I look forward to following the CASE OF ADVENTURE series on its next quest: Scotland!

Are you ready to head to Switzerland with CASE OF ADVENTURE?

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Look for the free Maps Pack download on the website! Just enter your email address on the homepage- https://caseofadventure.com/

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