Why in the World Is School Considered Normal?

I haven’t had a good rant in a while, so I thought it was time…

Why in the world is school considered normal?

As the summer came to an end last year, I received this in the mail from the cable company: 

Society brainwashes parents into believing school is normal.

In honor of back-to-school time, the local cable provider decided to use this lovely image as an appeal to order their service. At first glance, it just looks like a cute little girl, but if you take a closer look, she’s standing behind a chalkboard and wearing what looks like a school uniform. On the chalkboard are various icons of things we normally associate with school: alarm clocks, notebooks, a test paper, etc. Blaring across this ad are the words:

Welcome back to normal.

I was taken aback. Not just at the words themselves, but at the fact that they were confident enough that this statement would appeal to parents everywhere that they decided to use them as their “bait.”

Welcome back to normal?

I’ve got news for this cable company and parents everywhere…

School isn’t normal.

What can be normal about the government telling you to hand your kids over to strangers starting at the age of 5 for 6 hours a day, 9 months a year, for the next 13 years? What is normal about the fact that kids around the country spend more time with their teachers than with their parents? What is normal about children being forced to spend hours on homework every night when they could be spending those precious few hours with family?

It’s time we wake up. Our society has been brainwashed into believing that our kids are nothing but a nuisance. That “professionals” are more equipped to deal with our children on a day-to-day basis than we are. That life is so. much. better. when our kids are gone for the bulk of the day. That being with our kids and enjoying it is somehow abnormal.

I realize that not everyone wants to homeschool, and I’m not suggesting that. (Okay, maybe I am just a little. ) What I am suggesting is that we break free of this mentality and enjoy our kids for the gifts that they are- and they truly are gifts. I’m suggesting that we get off our electronics long enough to have a meaningful conversation with our kids. That we stop expecting teachers to be substitute parents and take responsibility by raising them ourselves and not expecting problems to be solved with the mentality, I’ll let their teacher deal with it.

All I ask is that you take a moment to remember why you chose to have kids in the first place. Remember what it felt like to hold them in your arms after they came into this world.

Now think about the times you celebrated when they went back to school. When you dreaded the looming summer vacation because you didn’t know how you’d handle being with them all day.

Is this the relationship you envisioned when you had those precious children?

I’m not writing this to make parents feel guilty, because I’m far from being a perfect parent. I’m sure my kids would agree. 🙂 What I am hoping to do is to help people realize that sending your kids to school everyday and never seeing them isn’t normal. Cheering after the school bus picks your kids up isn’t normal. What is normal- or should be- is learning to be with our families through thick and thin and knowing how to get through tough times.

It’s time to make family first again. Cherish your kids. Be with them. Love them, and let them know that even when they’re driving you crazy, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You only have a precious few years before your kids will be adults and out on their own. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want your kids to remember about their childhoods?

Me? I’m shooting for a legacy of love.





Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

73 thoughts on “Why in the World Is School Considered Normal?”

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but I never felt in my heart that sending my kids off to school was natural or healthy. I just went along with what society in general expects and the whole time I found so much to dislike about the institution called school. As soon as we discovered homeschooling I felt I’d been given a wonderful gift… TIME with my children.

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  2. You are writing all the posts I always wanted to write, but didn’t. Why? Because I was looking to please everyone rather than just say what I wanted to say. This is why I grew to hate my blog. (I used to have a blog where I *did* speak my mind – becoming a “professional blogger” shut me up.)

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  3. My mom was criticized by family members for not sending my siblings to public preschool when they qualified for speech. She chose to drive them once a week for their therapy. My mom was one of the parents that counted down to school breaks with us and loved when school was out. I’m so thankful for the example she’s set for me on enjoying children.

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  4. This is awesome, Shelly. I think it’s more common for mom-hearts to break when their kids first go off to school and then, over time, they learn to get used to them being there. But if school is normal, why is it so hard for most moms in the beginning?!? Just something to ponder. Love this!!!

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  5. I love this, and I agree! I can’t imagine having ever had to send one of my kids away to school. And as they’ve gotten older, all four have thanked me and said they can’t imagine having had to go to “real school.” 🙂

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  6. Two of my four children attended school, that was the hardest time for me and my girls. I was a young mom living in one of the best school districts in my state, and did not have the confidence to stand up to family, friends and society. As I got older and saw the continuous negative effects traditional school had on my kids, I finally decided to homeschool. My youngest son is eight now and has never attended school. He and I love this life we have created and I will never regret this decision.

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  7. This is great! When we enrolled our oldest in preschool and were preparing to send her to public school, I had this pit of the stomach sick feeling I just could not shake. My hubby and I had an honest conversation, and we decided to be the rebels and homeschool. We are about 4 years in and now have 4 children. It was the best choice of our life. We only get them so long! Fantastic read and articulates exactly what I always have thought.

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  8. When I was looking at this ad & trying to see the message that the cable company tried to tell, I didn’t see it as “Back to normal” as “going to school is normal”, but more of them saying “Welcome back you your normal daily routine because the kids are going back to their normal/regular schedule/routine”. 🙂

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  9. “Everyday” is an adjective, like “She chose to use the everyday dishes.” What you’re looking for is “every day.” “I want to be with my children every day.” 😉 Good read!

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  10. This is so true. When my first baby was born I was so attatched she couldn’t be out of my sight. As the months went by all I could think about was sending her off to school someday and being away from her all day. By the time she was 6 months old I knew we were future homeschoolers. I try to parent by instinct and school just does not feel right to me. My kids belong with me and their dad and it’s our job to raise them and teach them.

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  11. Thank you for this post and the next time someone tells me not sending my child to school is hurting them is going to be pointed to your post. Have a good day.

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  12. I am a home school mom of 23 years, 7 children, 3 girls adopted from China, and I am working with the Parental Rights Organization, Parentalrights.org, to pass legislation to protect parental rights. Please contact me with questions about the issue. Parental rights are not protected in law, thus parental rights cases are left to the whims of the courts. Check out Parentalrights.org, and ParentalrightsPA on FB.


  13. Thank you for this! This is exactly how I feel. I am already dreading the upcoming posts of moms celebrating their children going back to school. This will be our sixth year homeschooling. I cannot imagine not having my children with me. It truly makes my heart happy 💗

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  14. Well said friend!! The idea that school restricts their ability’s to what everyone else is learnig puts a damper on the opportunity for them to see the world outside of a class room! It’s goverment mandated studies and government fed education. Nothing against the teacher by no means I actually have a few that hold a special place in my heart. BUT if you have an opportunity to spend with your babies. DO IT! You won’t be sorry.

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  15. AMEN. AMEN. AMEN!!! I get infuriated every year at “back to school” time when I see all the memes on FB about Moms jumping for joyand being so excited to ship their kids off. All I can think is that I feel pity for all parties involved. I find it saidthat parents are so willing to accept turning their children over to just ANYONE to teach them God knows what and to fill their heads with hugs that may not be in agreement to their family’s way of thinking.

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  16. Beautifully written! Thank you for posting! I represent a strange population where I taught in public school for two years, became chronically ill, had two children and realized it all to be a wake up call from God – that I was to homeschool my children. I would have NEVER thought to do this on my own, it wasn’t even on my radar. My heart has changed so much – I feel such a strong conviction that it IS God’s will for parents to educate there children. How is it normal to send your precious children blindly away to be educated by strangers?! But while working in the system you are just BLIND to think there is a better way! And now seeing my children thrive as loved sons and daughters and seeing the struggles my fellow parents and their children are having with their rat race of a life – how tired and exhausted they are. And they can’t see any other way, the solution – it breaks my heart. Thank you for being bold and speaking the thoughts that are in my heart as a fellow Christian and mother! God bless!!! ❤️

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  17. Shelly! Love your article, especially how you compare what “normal” really should look like. Our society is so backwards. My first passion of homeschool was more about homeschool vs public school reasons, but throughout the past several months, you have helped me (along with several other great sources) realize that it’s really MORE than homeschooling vs public school. It’s about parents raising their own children instead of passing their children to the government to raise. God gave us our children to raise, and not to pass on to someone else to raise. Keep feeding us with your thoughts! You’ve helped soooo many people!

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  18. Namaste and Peaceful Greetings Shelly! What a wonderful, concise, and profound post. There are books like “Hold Onto Your Kids” and “The Awakened Family” that thoroughly explain the psychology behind the parent/child relationship, but your post brings it all home to the simple truths of what our culture over several generations has done to destroy a foundational part of our purpose for being on Earth; nurturing, protecting and educating our own children. Thank you for sharing this and may the Universe bless you and your family now and always~!

    Namaste. Grace and Peace be with you,


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  19. I always felt sick when school started, it was so much harder for me to send my kid off, it seemed so stupid to send him somewhere we both hated. He had amazing teachers but at the end of first grade he had no reading comprehension so I agonized for a month over what to do. Homeschool was not immediately obvious to me but I thought of it and decided to go for it. Everyone’s attitudes are so much better now, although admittedly it was nice to have his teacher teach him how to read haha.

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  20. I always loved being with my children over the summer and dreaded sending them back but I think that was because I was a stay at home mom with my kids for their first 5 years. I felt that I developed a deep bond with them. I like your comment of parents taking responsibility for their children, so often parents just want other people to raise their kids.


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