Same Kind of Different As Me- A Free Mini Unit Study!

Free unit study

Summertime is right around the corner, and chances are your summer vacation may have even started already. Although it’s such a relief to get a bit of a break for a while, sometimes after just a week or two, you may begin to hear the dreaded,

I’m booored.

Mini unit studies can be the perfect solution for this. They’re long enough to keep the kids occupied for a bit, but short enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re actually doing school already. 

Today I’m going to share with you a little unit study I wrote to accompany a delightful and heartwarming picture book, Same Kind of Different As Me(For more information on what this book is about, I reviewed it a few months back.)


Same Kind of Different As Me (for Kids) Unit Study


Same Kind of Different As Me for Kids- Ron Hall and Denver Moore

American Girl Kit Kittredge- Valerie Tripp


-Discuss some ways to be kind to the poor. Draw a picture illustrating one of your ideas, and write the verse for Proverbs 19:17 at the bottom. (Art, Language Arts, Bible, Character)

-Choose one of your ideas and make a plan of action for your family to actually do it! (Character, Critical Thinking)

-Research what it was like during the Great Depression or watch a video(History)

-Read American Girl- Kit Kittredge together or watch the movie(History, Language Arts)

-Denver was born in January. What season is that? Learn about the different seasons(Science)

-What month were you born in? Make a 12-month calendar. Include the birthdays of your family members and any holidays you choose. (Math, Language Arts)

-Find Louisiana on a map. What’s the capital, and how close is it to where you live? (Geography)

-Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Who was Eli Whitney, and what is a cotton gin(History)

-Learn about cotton plantations(History, Social Studies)

-Denver was not a slave but a sharecropper. Find out the difference between the two. (History, Social Studies)

-Plant a vegetable garden. This is hard work but very rewarding! (Science)

-Go berry picking or visit a dairy farm. (Field Trip, Science, Social Studies)

-Denver needed to pick 100 lbs. of cotton for a bike. Use a scale to see how much you weigh. What is the difference between your weight and the 100 lbs. he needed to pick? (Math)

-Try to make a toy like Denver did out of a board and bottle caps. (Critical Thinking)

-Go for a train ride. (Field Trip)

Watch a video or read a book about trains. (History, Science)

-Using boxes or chairs, make your own train. Where will you travel to? (Critical Thinking)

-Denver traveled to Ft. Worth, TX. Trace a map route from LA to Fort Worth,TX. (Geography)

-Donate some food to a food bank or homeless shelter. (Character)

-Paint a picture. (Art)

-Visit an art museum. (Field Trip, Art)

-Make a list of people you’d like to help and do it! (Language Arts, Character)


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