Teach Your Active Preschoolers About God in a Way That Impacts Them!

Hands-On Preschool Bible Curriculum

As a Christian mom, it is my responsibility to raise my children to know what the Bible says and what it doesn’t. 

I often have conversations with fellow believers who describe their family devotion time as peaceful, loving, and holding everyone’s attention perfectly- even the family dog. 😛

I’ve got news for you. That’s not my family. My littles are a force to be reckoned with. Yes, they need to learn obedience. Yes, they need to learn reverence. But I can’t help but ardently believe that God gave these children energy for a reason, and by George, I think we need to use that energy for His glory and not squash it out of them. 

Because of this, I knew our devotional time and even our Bible stories were having a minimal impact on my younger children. Our Bible time really needed something to help my kids make connections that they just weren’t getting.

(Disclaimer- I received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.)

After years of finding nothing that met my expectations, I came across Teach Me About Godby Michelle Caskey from Homeschool-Your-Boys.com. This curriculum is nothing like any Bible curriculum I’ve ever used before.

Hands-On Bible Curriculum

Here’s what it’s all about:

Teach Me About God isn’t your average preschool Bible curriculum. Yes, there are biblical passages addressed, and yes, there are Bible stories. But this resource goes beyond that. Michelle Caskey applied what she learned as a homeschool mom of two boys to integrate hands-on activities, energetic games, and even food to make the lessons more memorable for children.

Believe me. Anything with food has my kids’ attention. No problem in that area. 😉

Included in this curriculum are 112 daily lessons and an appendix at the end with adorable printables to go with some of the activities. The author took great pains to make sure that each lesson contains easy-to-follow instructions so that parents can focus on their children rather than fumbling through the day’s exercises.

In my opinion, this curriculum contains enough educational material to serve as a stand-alone preschool curriculum. It’s that good.

And the activities are so imaginative. I’d never be able to think of this stuff on my own.

Here’s a small sampling of the recommended activities:

  • Crumpling up paper to make “stones” and throwing them at water bottles (giants) to accompany the telling of David and Goliath.
  • Making jars of waves with oil, water, and food coloring to illustrate the stormy seas when Jesus said, “Be still.”
  • Making “I’m sorry” cards to illustrate the importance of forgiveness. (Jacob and Esau)
  • Practicing silly walks like the crab walk, the alligator walk, and walking backwards to accompany the passage about Peter healing the man who couldn’t walk.

I could go on and on. Remember, there are 112 lessons!

Why I love Teach Me About God:

I feel like this curriculum was written specifically for my kids. I’ve never seen something grab their attention as fast as these hands-on activities. Many of these lessons include narrative versions of the Bible stories, and they are written in such an easygoing and understandable manner that kids get them.

And you may have noticed that I keep saying my kids, when I actually only have one preschooler. It just so happens that my 6, 7, and sometimes even my 8 year old have insisted upon participating in these activities, as well.

Since reading about David and Goliath and doing the paper stone throwing activity, my 8 year old has been obsessed with this story! I can’t begin to count how many David and Goliath cartoons he watched on YouTube after we finished this. He even watched a full length movie on Netflix about it. He has heard this story repeatedly since birth, and nothing got him interested in this subject until we did Teach Me About God.

It’s truly been a blessing to experience this resource with my kids. It’s really powerful to see your kids truly and deeply affected by the Word of God.

What more could a mother ask for?

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Author: Shelly Sangrey

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