Inspire Your Kids to Write with Basic Invite Stationery

Inspire your kids to write with customizable stationery!

To those who know anything about me, I have made it no secret that I try to incorporate writing into my children’s lives in as natural a manner as possible. I’ll admit that sometimes it isn’t easy. After all, they’re kids, and sometimes anything that looks like “work” to them is going to make them protest just a bit. 

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And then it hit me. What if I were to get a little creative and use customizable stationery to inspire them? What if I were to use something that would not only be useful but that my crafty children could help to design?

And then I came across Basic Invite. Basic Invite is the place to go for stationery and printables.

Inspire your kids to write with customizable stationery!

I know what you’re thinking. Why go to the trouble to order stationery just to get kids to write?

I’m glad you asked, because the benefits will speak for themselves.

Reasons to Use Customizable Stationery with Your Kids

– To inspire them to write, of course!

Writing reports are one thing, but when your kids have the opportunity to do meaningful things, like to help someone they love make birth announcements, or to help create customizable baby shower invitations, chances are they’ll jump at the chance! Another idea is for your child to assist in writing out holiday cards that they’ve helped create. What child wouldn’t want to do that?

Customizable Holiday Cards

– To give them experience designing things that will actually serve a purpose!

Most children are eager to create, and their bedrooms are often living proof of that, with pictures, paintings, clay creations, and other contraptions covering the walls and every other flat surface. While all of those projects are wonderful, imagine how much more children would enjoy taking part in the creation of something that will actually have a tangible use, like designing baby shower thank you cards for a new sibling, or a graduation invitation for a big brother.

Customizable baby shower invitations

– To build up character by instilling basic etiquette.

In this day and age, writing a proper thank you letter seems to be a thing of the past. Help your children to learn this invaluable show of gratitude by letting them help create their own thank you cards. Someday, they may thank you for it.

Why You Should Use Basic Invite

Basic Invite includes:

– Almost unlimited colors

It’s one of the few websites that actually allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. With over 180 color options, that gives each customer the opportunity to personalize each item to meet their individual preferences.

– Custom samples

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that actually gives the customer the chance to order a printed sample before finalizing the order. There will never be a question as to how the invitation will print or what the quality of the paper is like.

– Over 40 different colors of envelopes

I’ve never understood why envelope colors have to be so bland. With over 40 different colors to choose from, the envelopes can be just as colorful as the invitations!

– Free address collection service

With Basic Invite’s free address collection service, you can request your addresses with just three simple steps. Share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing. Easy as pie!

Writing is one of those things that your kids will either love, or they’ll loathe. With Basic Invite, your child just might cross the aisle from loathing into loving.

Isn’t it worth a try?

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