101 Reasons to Relax Your Homeschool

Is it time to relax your homeschool?

I know, I know. You’re probably getting tired of me going on and on about relaxed homeschooling. I just can’t help it.

The fact is, this approach has had such an impact on our family that I just want to shout it from the rooftops. 

Today’s post will be a little different, however, because not only am I going to give you 101 Reasons to Relax Your Homeschool, but the reasons won’t be coming only from me. A few weeks ago, I asked some of my fellow homeschool moms to share their favorite reasons for relaxed homeschooling.

So…I’m going to start with their reasons (just so you know I’m not the only one who feels this way!), and I’m going to finish up with a multitude of my own just to make sure you’re fully convinced. 😉

Here we go!

101 Reasons to Relax Your Homeschool

#1- ” A relaxed homeschool is the perfect environment for gifted and exceptional learners. It takes away the pressure of a traditional school environment and provides opportunity for in-depth, child-led exploration.” – Ginny Kochis, Not So Formulaic

#2- “When you relax with your kids, you allow learning to take place more naturally. You’re more flexible with your time, and you end up nurturing your kids instead of cramming too much into their schedule. Your kids learn more and are not stressed out.” – Susan Evans, susanevans.org

#3- “You don’t have to go through all the motions in the curriculum the exact way they are written to fully grasp the subject.” – Jennifer Cabrera, Hifalutin Homeschooler

#4- “By relaxing and helping our kiddos develop a fascination in the world around them, we cultivate creativity, a lifelong love of learning, and the knowledge that they can discover and learn about anything they want to know.


💕” – Colleen Kessler, Raising Lifelong Learners

#5- “Relaxing your approach to homeschooling allows you to connect with your kids. A pressure is removed that encourages communication and appreciation for each individual’s unique personalities. You have time to explore new interests while tackling essential basics.” – Amy Milcic, Rock Your Homeschool

#6- “A relaxed homeschool allows children plenty of time to explore their passions. Two of my older children have turned passions into enjoyable money making ventures.” – Cindy West, Our Journey Westward

#7- “I have found that a relaxed approach works best for my boys and their learning differences. Focusing on their strengths, allowing them to pursue their interests, and taking as much time as they need to master the subjects that are difficult has given them confidence, both as learners and as young men!” – Shawna Wingert, Not the Former Things

#8- “Relaxed homeschooling and taking a break when you need it means you’re less stressed and you’re not going to snap at the kids. It’s also more fun. It’s a lot more fun to look over the book at your kids and say, “This isn’t getting through. Everyone grab your Legos and we’re going to act this lesson out.” – Ticia Messing, Adventures in Mommydom

#9- “There’s no reason to do things conventionally just because you think you should. That includes the pace at which you homeschool and the methods you use. Let go of the baggage that makes up your educational past and do something extraordinary.” – Heather Woodie, Blog, She Wrote

#10- “Mama, just rest. Did you know when you sit down it gives the whole house permission to relax, rest and lean into learning? Start your days with the good, delightful, fold in the basics. Add a few more ingredients – the spicy and rich and fun – after lunch. Stir it all together and mix those ages well! There are no gaps – just holes that God fills in His timing and His way. That’s lasagna learning at its best!” – Tricia Hodges, Hodgepodge

#11- “Real learning takes place when we are flexible with our lesson plans and we capitalize on our children’s excitement about various subjects. When we are rigid and we try to force our children to stick with our original plans, or even worse to follow theteacher’s manual word for word, we kill their excitement for learning. Relax! Be flexible. Allow your kids to dig deeply into subjects which interest them. If we take the time to do this for our kids, they will love to learn and we will have a very successful homeschool.” – Michelle Caskey, Homeschool Your Boys

#12- “Having a relaxed homeschool gives mom more time to pursue her interests outside of homeschooling. We offer our children the opportunity to see us as whole individuals who do more than housekeeping and homeschooling. Who knows what interest of theirs might be sparked by something we expose them to through our own free time?” – Bethany Ishee, bethanyishee.com

#13- “There’s enough stress being thrown at you from other parts of life, so why make home schooling one of them?” – Kim, Kim and Kaira’s Great Homeschool Adventure

#14- “You can choose how relaxed you want your homeschool to be. Relax to a point that works for your individual family and educational needs. It really can be customized.” – Bethany, homeschool mom

#15- “Because it’s homeschool, not school-at-home. Because you know best how your children learn. Because anything can be a learning experience. Because there isn’t a “homeschool police” to make sure you finish the curriculum book by the end of the year.
Because grade levels are flexible in homeschool.” – Amy, mom of 2, House of Maniaks

#16- “Relax your homeschool because it’s more about building a strong, lasting committed relationship with your child and learning not about checking boxes off a schedule.” – Jenni, mom of 2

#17- “The heart of home education is discipleship. Character and relationships will always be more important than academics. We can relax, knowing that our children are learning all the time through many life experiences, through conversations, as they participate in different activities, as they ask questions, and as they study a variety of topics.

The formal academic lessons are such a small part of what we do during the daytime hours. Schooling should not be the focus of our children’s lives. Less is more in regard to formal academic lessons. Providing a customized home education means that we allow our children the time to discover and develop their gifts and talents. This is going to look very different from the institutional methods of schooling.

Parents often underestimate the many benefits of children being educated in their own homes. There is so much freedom and flexibility. Learning is not measured by how many workbook pages are completed in a 9-12 month time period. We can relax when we remember that curriculum is an optional shaping tool, not a vice grip. We need to remember that since home educated children are not in competition with others, it is unnecessary to label them as “ahead” or “behind”.

We do not need to allow prepackaged resources to dictate our schedules, structure, methods, or standards. As a homeschooling parent, we have the authority to decide on the scope and sequence. We know and understand our children better than any curriculum publisher.” – Suzanne, homeschool mom

#18- “Relax because home, road and life are all a part of the homeschool experience of teaching our children that the world is their classroom.” – Candace, Count It as a Day

#19- “They grow up too fast without us rushing them along. One day (senior year) you’ll look back and wonder why you pushed so hard instead of enjoying your time with them.” – Julie, homeschool mom

#20- “A relaxed homeschool equals a relaxed mom. And when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.

;)” – Emily, Em’s Essentials

#21- “Kids who are allowed to enjoy learning keep learning as adults. Kids who look at school as work will run from it like the plague.” – Autumn, 4 kids, homeschool graduate myself

#22- “Because my main job is the mommy!” – Karyn, homeschool mom

My Turn!

#23- When it comes to education, less is more.

#24- Unhurried learning is retained learning.

#25- Unhurried learning is joyful learning.

#26- Homeschool doesn’t have to mean school-at-home.

#27- Relationships before academics.

#28- If the school model works, why are millions of people homeschooling?

#29- Children are better able to learn at their own pace.

#30- Children are not cookie cutter images of one another.

#31- Children learn more from life than they ever would from a curriculum.

#32- Textbooks aren’t the only way to learn.

#33- Children who have every minute of every day planned for them will become too used to being told what to do instead of learning how to be independent.

#34- Rigidity (rigor) kills curiosity.

#35- There’s less stress for the family.

#36- It’s less time-consuming.

#37- It’s less expensive.

#38- It’s less boring.

#39- Everyone’s learning style can more easily be taken into account.

#40- It’s easier to incorporate your teaching style.

#41- Because homeschooling never goes according to plan, and that’s okay.

#42- Unexpected learning can be the best learning.

#43- Anxiety impedes a child’s learning.

#44- The world is a beautiful place. Explore it.

#45- There’s just something not right about giving your homeschooled child homework.

#46- The public education system is broken. Why take ideas from it?

#47- Why break your child’s learning up into a series of unrelated subjects that have no cohesiveness or meaning to them?

#48- There is no curriculum author out there who knows your children better than you do?

#49- Learning happens all the time.

#50- Learning happens everywhere.

#51- Learning happens no matter what.

#52- There is freedom in homeschooling. Take advantage of it.

#53- A read-aloud a day keeps unhappiness away.

#54- There is more learning to be found in one living book than in ten textbooks.

#55- You and your children have better things to do than spending 6hrs/day on assignments they likely won’t remember anyway.

#56- There are so many causes of stress in this world. Learning shouldn’t be one of them.

#57- You are a mother/father before a teacher.

#58- Keeping your schedule flexible will invite all sorts of learning opportunities.

#59- Children will learn more when they have a say in what they learn about.

#60- Children will learn more when they are given the freedom to independently pursue things that interest them.

#61- With relaxed homeschooling comes the advantage of a truly customized education.

#62- It’s far easier to keep your family central.

#63- Assembly lines are for factory workers, not children.

#64- There’s something freeing about giving yourself permission to NOT do everything on your lesson plan.

#65- There’s something freeing about NOT doing everything the curriculum publisher tells you to do.

#66- The ability to regurgitate information is not true learning.

#67- Tests are not an accurate measure of intelligence.

#68- Grades are not an accurate measure of intelligence.

#69- Grades are a method of categorizing students; therefore, they’re not necessary in a homeschool setting.

#70- The most joyful homeschool is that which emphasizes “home” above “school.”

#71- Children are not empty vessels waiting to be filled. They are full vessels waiting to be nurtured.

#72- Sometimes children in the same family want to learn about different topics. A relaxed homeschool is the perfect atmosphere for that.

#73- Sometimes children want to learn about unique topics that aren’t offered in any curriculums. In a relaxed homeschool, that’s never an issue.

#74- Contrary to popular opinion, learning can and should be fun.

#75- Without a rigid school schedule, there is less of a rush to “get it all done.”

#76- Children who can sleep on their own schedule are more alert and receptive to learning.

#77- Some kids need to move to learn.

#78- Short lessons are more manageable for both parent and child.

#79- Because baking totally counts as math and science.

#80- Children will learn more from Monopoly than any textbook or worksheet.

#81- There’s more time for extracurricular activities.

#82- There’s more time to simply relax.

#83- Every day is a school day whether you have structured lessons or not.

#84- There is no such thing as “behind.”

#85- Playing is learning and should be counted as such.

#86- Traditional schools try to put children in a box. Imitating school-at-home simply gives the same box different wrapping paper.

#87- Textbooks aren’t meant to be interesting. If it’s difficult for adults to remember what doesn’t interest them, imagine how much harder it must be for children.

#88- Superficial learning happens in a school room. Meaningful learning happens in the world.

#89- Because the park is a brilliant place to learn.

#90- Because Netflix days totally count as school.

#91- Because YouTube science experiment days totally count as school, too.

#92- Choosing NOT to finish a curriculum won’t feel like a failure…because it isn’t.

#93- It’s far more feasible to change things up when something isn’t working.

#94- Your children can be trained as entrepreneurs rather than workers.

#95- PJs all day? Okay!

#96- Slow mornings. 😊

#97- No drill and kill.

#98- No test prep.

#99- Little to no time needs to be spent grading and correcting papers.

#100- Memorizing and understanding are two different things.

#101- Because you CAN.

Whew! That was fun. Now it’s your turn. What would you add?

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Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

7 thoughts on “101 Reasons to Relax Your Homeschool”

  1. Relaxed learning is the way we naturally learn in life as adults. Sure, sometimes we take structured classes or training for jobs. But the way we naturally learn, when we are curious, when we pick up a book to read about a new place or idea, or when we take up a new hobby, and when we browse youtube tutorials or google things online, we learn through relaxed, unstructured, at-our-own-pace learning. So it just makes sense to me that relaxed learning is good learning. =) At our house we prefer routines (loose ones at that) over structure. This is a great list, with lots of great advice. Thanks, Shelly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is wonderful – & all true! I’m just over a month into homeschooling & still fighting my urge & instinct to feel guilty about not “schooling” on a specific schedule, in a way that looks more like school – kids sitting down & working on things, taking quizzes, etc. But I can clearly see that they are learning, & they are starting to incorporate ideas & information they have learned into conversations on their own – & bring those ideas & concepts back up to me. It’s amazing how much we have learned in such a short period of time, & stress levels are DOWN as opposed to the anxiety I saw with specific topics & activities. Thanks for the great advice! I must share this.

    Liked by 1 person

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