20 Brain-Boosting Educational Toys to Celebrate Spring

Hop right into spring with these engaging educational toys!

I know there are are ton of people out there who absolutely love the winter. The crisp, clean air. Snow so white you can barely open your eyes. Sipping hot chocolate by the fire.

As for me…I can’t wait until it’s over!

Every year once Valentine’s Day has passed, I find myself getting more and more psyched over the upcoming arrival of spring. Nothing can bring me out of the winter doldrums more than the sight of a freshly bloomed cherry blossom tree. 

Educational toys to celebrate spring

Pure, pure bliss.

Since the arrival of spring is still technically one month away, what better way to prepare your homeschool for this seasonal change than by integrating nature-related educational resources??

Let’s have some fun!

20 Brain-Boosting Educational Toys to Celebrate Spring

(This post contains affiliate links.)

1. Ladybug Land Gift Set with Live Larva

Nature study toys- ladybugs

Give your kids the opportunity to watch real ladybugs grow from the larval stage to adulthood! I, for one, know my kids would love this, as they’re all about bugs (and any other critters that will make mom scream…)

2. Butterfly Garden Gift Set with a Live Cup of Caterpillars

butterfly garden

When I was a little girl, I once put a gypsy moth caterpillar inside a treasure chest I got out of a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal. Unfortunately, I forgot about it. When I found it several weeks later, the cocoon was woven, but the little guy didn’t make it.

I’m willing to bet your children would have much better luck with this. 🙂

3. Ant Lab Gel Station

 ant farm

Believe it or not, I have an ant farm story, too. My mom bought me a standard ant farm back when I was in elementary school, and I was always so clumsy with it that I would accidentally shake it up and mess up all of their tunnels.

You know? Maybe that’s why I’m so afraid of bugs as an adult. Maybe the Lord is trying to protect them from me…

Anyway, since this ant lab comes with a nutritional gel rather than sand, those messes won’t happen!

4. Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Activity Kit

rocks and minerals homeschool

Rocks and fossils are another one of those activities that so many kids seem to love to discover and collect. A neat homeschool idea would be to watch some episodes of “America Unearthed” together before digging into these amazing specimens.

5. GeoMaster- An Educational Geology Card Game

geology card game

This game would be the perfect supplement to the Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Activity Kit mentioned above. Take the kids outside for a rock and fossil hunt and end your day with a quiet picnic and a game of GeoMaster.

6. Hanging Obstacle Course Kit

obstacle course homeschool

Keep your kids minds and bodies in shape by getting them away from the TV and out in the fresh air with this awesome obstacle course kit. This is way better than the homemade ones I grew up with!

7. 14-in-1 Solar Robot

solar robot

Teach your kids about alternative energy with this kit that makes 14 different types of robots. And the best part? The robots will move on land AND water.

8. Solar Balloon

solar balloon homeschool stem

A solar balloon?! Uh…yes, please!

9. Sand Works Castle Kit

sand castle kit

Do your kids like to make sand castles in the warm weather? How much more would they enjoy making an entire sand kingdom??

10. Hydro Launch

Water toys

This is so cool! Your kids can make the rocket move up and down by controlling the water pressure while everyone underneath it gets wet!

11. Explore It! Handheld Microscope

Take nature study to a whole new level!

Take your nature studies to a whole new level with a handheld microscope for kids! As much as I adore our trusty magnifying glass, there’s just no way it can compete with the 40x magnification of this tool.

12. Sky Spin

outside toys

Teach your kids about aerodynamics while keeping them outside and active with the soaring ring, Sky Spin.

13. Busy Bugs


Preschoolers love to watch all of the insects that come out in the spring and summer months. Help them learn their early math skills with these 36 textured bugs and accompanying activities.

14. Bubble Chopper

outside toys

Your kids will have loads of fun pulling the ripcord and watching this helicopter fly away with a stream of bubbles behind it.

15. Busy Farm

reading readiness toys

Spring time is the perfect time to take the kids on field trips to nearby farms. Help them to make connections while boosting their pre-reading skills with 36 soft-molded farm animals and challenging accompanying activities.

16. Zone Cleaning for Kids Clean ‘n’ Flip

spring cleaning for kids

What better way to welcome spring than by spring cleaning, right??

17. Magic School Bus Science Club


Magic School Bus Science Kit

Okay, I’m going to admit that I love this show as much as my children do. You just couldn’t ask for a better way to teach kids about the natural world, in my opinion, and what better time to learn about the natural world than spring, of course!

18. The Clifford Science Club

science activities for young children

Since the Magic School Bus kit may be too difficult for young children, the Clifford Science Club kits would be perfect!

19. Magic School Bus Nature Bundle

Kids nature activities

This is the perfect bundle for those who love The Magic School Bus but are hoping to stick with activities that deal primarily with nature.

20. Explore the Wonders of Nature Kit

Magic School Bus Nature Set

This is another amazing set brought to you by none other than my beloved Magic School Bus. You just can’t go wrong with any of these kits. Sigh. I just love them.

Well, that was fun. Believe me, if time would have permitted, I could have kept going. Do you have any neat ideas for spring-related toys? Leave a comment!

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Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

3 thoughts on “20 Brain-Boosting Educational Toys to Celebrate Spring”

  1. Oh thank you so much for this list! We have LOVED our ladybug and butterfly kits in the past but I have been looking for some new and fun hands on stuff to shake up our homeschool. I always feel like we’re falling into a rut this time of year and want to get us up and moving and exploring again.


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