Teaching Your Kids Reading and Math Skills Just Got Easier!

Essential Reading and Math Skills Workbooks by Reading Eggs

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong century. As a homeschool mom, I often look around at all of the online possibilities for educating my children – especially for reading and math – and feel intimidated instead of comforted.

Because of this, I’ve always tended to shy away from educational websites…until about 6 months ago. 

At the time, my then-4-year-old was very insistent about “doing school,” but the fact that I was already homeschooling eight other children meant that I didn’t have much time for preschool. As chance would have it, I happened upon Reading Eggs, an online reading program for kids from ages 2 to 13.

My daughter was instantly taken with it.

As much as she loved it, I couldn’t help but miss having the feel of an actual physical book in my hands, so when I found out about this new product, I was elated.

(This is a sponsored post. I received this product for free and was compensated for my time spent writing an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.)

Introducing Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Workbooks by Blake eLearning!

The Perfect Way to Teach Reading and Math Skills

Let me begin by saying that these workbooks (available for grades K to 5 for reading and K to 2 for math) are extremely comprehensive and could easily be used as a stand-alone curriculum, but…

They are an ideal complement to the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online program.

Why?? Oh, where should I start? 🙂

Unlike other reading and math workbooks, the lessons contained within the pages are accompanied by corresponding lessons that fit perfectly together.

For example, very often when a parent purchases new curriculum for their child, they have them start at the very beginning because it seems to make the most sense. Unfortunately, not all children learn at the same pace, so this doesn’t work well for every family.

It’s very common for a child to be way ahead of where a given workbook begins, which can lead to boredom and frustration.

When used in conjunction with the award-winning Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programs, these workbooks easily solve that problem.

Each workbook contains over 200 skills. Each lesson in the workbooks is partnered with the same lesson on the website. If a child takes the placement test for either of the online programs, they will be immediately placed at a level that best fits his ability. Hence, if a child is “placed” at Lesson 6 on the online program, they would also start at Lesson 6 in the workbook.

Ingenuity at its best!

How We Use Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Workbooks


As relaxed homeschoolers, I am very intent on following my children’s leads and stopping when I can see they’ve had enough. With that being said, my daughter asks to do her reading and math every. single. day. Even when we have the day off.

One thing I have noticed with her is that sometimes the four pages that accompany each lesson are too much for her to get done in one day. Couple that with the fact that my kids all share the same laptop, and that means she simply doesn’t have time to do both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online every day.

We’ve come up with the perfect solution.

Each day, my daughter completes one online lesson on either Reading Eggs or Mathseeds (not both). Afterwards, she completes two workbook pages for that lesson, leaving two workbook pages for the next day. She then completes two workbook pages from the other workbook that were not finished the day before.

It looks like this:


Complete one online lesson in Mathseeds and two workbook pages (leaving the other two for the following day); complete the remaining two Reading Eggs workbook pages that were left from the day before.


Complete one online lesson in Reading Eggs and two workbook pages (leaving the other two for the following day); complete the remaining two Mathseeds workbook pages that were left from the day before.

The rest of the week just follows the same pattern. 🙂

(I never thought the day would come that I would be gushing over an online reading or math program, but it’s happened, and I’m 10x more excited about it now that the workbooks are here!)

I have great news for you! If you’re interested in purchasing the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds workbooks just use this code – WK10603PIJ1 – to receive 10% off of your order!

And that’s not all! If you’re thinking about trying out the Reading Eggs online program, click here for a 4-week free trial!

You can’t go wrong, so head on over. What have you got to lose?!







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