The System Pushes Mediocrity, Not Education

I am of the opinion that a lot of parents are deceived about the performance and the intentions of our public school system, specifically the schools their own children are attending. I’ve been thinking about some experiences my own kids had during their time in #school that solidify the fact that schools are only interested in mediocrity, not #education.

Using Charlotte Mason in Our Relaxed Homeschool

I often describe our #homeschool as relaxed with a bit of #unschooling, unit studies, and Charlotte Mason methods. While I’ve spent a ton of time addressing the unit study and unschooling aspects, I realized that I was all but ignoring the method that seems to have influenced the bulk of what we do – #charlottemason. It’s time to fix that oversight.

Homeschooling with a Newborn | The Unpopular Truth

I’ve been asked about homeschooling with a newborn for quite some time. I’ve been hesitant to address this, though, simply because my answer might not be quite what people are expecting. If you’re a new or expecting mom, I pray this will be an encouragement to you.

What Is Eclectic Homeschooling?

There are certain terms you’ll hear in the homeschooling community that come up here and there that you might be unsure of. One of the terms that confused me a bit was “eclectic #homeschooling,” so I’m going to try to define that for you today.

Question the Narrative | Flat Earth??

I’ve been wanting to include this topic in this series for awhile, but I’ve been hesitant because people get even angrier about this than the mask debate.

In the last several weeks, though, I have had so many questions and requests about this topic, I decided to put on my big girl pants and discuss the gigantic elephant in the room.

Homeschool Geography Unit Study Ideas

As promised in my last video, I brainstormed several ideas for geography unit studies and shared them with you on my channel today. 

Geography doesn’t have to be all labeling and memorization. It can be engaging and fun! It’s time to not only think outside the box but let go of the box completely!

Homeschooling 101 | Geography Made Easy

One of my favorite things to talk about when it comes to #homeschooling is how to simplify it. Today I’m tackling a subject area I haven’t spoken about much before – #geography.

It doesn’t have to be all labeling and memorization. In fact, I’ve found that it’s easy and fun to incorporate without needing a curriculum for it at all.

My Daughter’s in the Hospital. Please Pray.

Today I posted a short video about what’s been going on with my daughter and how she’s doing right now.

I appreciate your prayers and support so much. I’ve been getting a lot of recommendations regarding natural/homeopathic treatment. Believe me, I’ve read lots about it, and I’ve tried what I could afford to, but nothing has helped when she gets flare ups. She takes a natural supplement, and it’s fantastic when she’s feeling good, but it doesn’t do much in times like this. Same goes with the food she’s eating. She doesn’t eat dairy or gluten, but once she’s to this stage, even the food doesn’t make much difference.

I know there are naturopathic doctors out there, but it all comes down to $$$$. We just don’t have it, so we have to go where insurance takes us. Unfortunately, the price of natural treatments is just way too high for a lot of people, and, yeah, that is another contributor to why people are so sick.

Money-Saving Tips for Large Families

It’s a common school of thought that raising a large family automatically means big $$$. As homeschoolers,  it’s imperative for us to cut costs wherever we can. Today, I’m sharing this video from the Patreon archives of how we do what we do.