Schools Are Propagandizing Your Children: Exhibit A

When parents complain about children in school being indoctrinated, people in the #education sector love to gaslight them and tell them they’re being ridiculous. Yesterday I was “blessed” by a tweet written by a teacher showing just how biased at least one history textbook is against the current administration.

And here’s the clincher – the tweet was posted by a teacher at a PRIVATE school. There goes the idea of thinking your kids are safe if you only get them out of government schools.

Let’s face it. The only way you can ever be sure of what your children are learning in school is if you take them out of school completely and educate them yourselves.


People Make the Strangest Comments About Homeschooling

In the 12 years we’ve been #homeschooling, we’ve been pretty blessed in that most people don’t seem to have a problem with our educational choice. With that being said, I think we’ve all heard some #homeschool stereotypes or some downright off-the-wall opinions or questions about it. Today I’m sharing the five most absurd things people have said to me. Enjoy!

Homeschooling Art and Music with Living Books

I can’t believe I made a whole series about #homeschooling with living books and totally missed art and music. Duh! You don’t need to spend a ton of money or replicate school in order to get a comprehensive education in these subjects.

Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World

I’m calling a state of emergency in our government education system. Yes, I know it was never designed to educate. Yes, I know it’s always been about social engineering. Lots of people know this, and here’s the rub – even though a majority of parents know the damage the school system is doing to their children and to our country, they continue to send their kids there.

It’s time for parents to stop complaining about the bias in their kids’ assignments in school, and DO something about it. Complaining will get you nowhere. Action will.

Homeschooling 101 | My Child Has No Interests

There can be fewer things more frustrating for a #homeschooling parent than to excitedly allow our children time for self-directed learning only to discover that they don’t seem to be interested in ANYTHING. While I don’t have a foolproof solution to this, I am going to share some wisdom I gained during our #unschooling years.

STOP Making Homeschooling Harder Than It Has to Be

As a #homeschooling mom, one of my favorite ways to encourage others is to help them to relax their #homeschool approach. As parents, we often put far too many unnecessary burdens on ourselves. Our home education load shouldn’t one one of them.

Flash Kids Language Arts Review | Grades 2, 4, 5, and 6

So many #homeschooling families spend an arm and a leg on language arts curriculum, so I thought I’d share the workbooks we use. They’re comprehensive, effective, engaging, and they only cost about $7!

Question the Narrative | Antarctica – The Edge of the World

I had to take a break from my Question the Narrative series after the last one because, while I was prepared for some backlash, I was surprised at how many people were genuinely angry about me broaching the topic of the flat earth. After some time of prayer and contemplation, however, I’ve realized that I cannot allow the opinion of others to dictate the things I talk about, especially when it comes to encouraging others to not be afraid to question what we’re told to believe without evidence.

In today’s video, I addressed a couple of questions I received since the last one on this topic.

How We Homeschool with Fun-Schooling Journals

Back when I was constantly making #notebooking videos, people used to comment all the time to tell me how much they thought our family would enjoy @funschoolingbooks. Boy, were they right. These books add just the right amount of structure and direction to an otherwise self-directed lesson. I highly recommend them for every #homeschooling family.

Since our homeschool changes every now and then, today on my channel I shared how we’re using them right now.