Up Close and Personal: My Experience with Pregnancy, DVTs, and Birth Control

I know this is pretty off topic for me, but as a mother to 11 children, I felt it was important to share.

(This is from the Patreon archives. It was recorded at the end of May.)

Why Are the Most “Educated” People So Blind?

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to questioning the narrative, the more degrees a person has, the harder time they have in letting go of preconceived ideas? After seeing someone ask this question on Twitter, it got me thinking… why IS that the case?

You know me. I’ve got a few ideas. 😉

“Homeschooled Kids Are Indoctrinated, Too”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anyone who frequents my channel is well aware of how often I refer to the #indoctrination taking place in the school system. I’ve had several people make the assumption that parents also indoctrinate their children when they #homeschool them.

Here’s my answer to that.

Lapbooking | A Creative Alternative to Notebooking

Does the idea of #notebooking appeal to you, but not so much to your kids? The fact is, a lot of children, especially younger children, can get pretty intimidated by what seems like a lot of writing to them. Perhaps what you need to try is notebooking’s cousin, #lapbooking!

In this video, I referenced another video where I shared a lapbook we made for a Switzerland unit study. I re-watched the older video after I recorded this, and it inspired me to start lapbooking again with my kids, so you know what we’ll be doing after break.

How to Get Your Kids to Write

As a parent, it can be so discouraging when you have a child who just doesn’t seem to want to write. Believe me, I’ve been there. Since I’ve had a resurgence of questions regarding getting kids to write, today I’m sharing what I’ve found to be the most effective tip.

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Homeschooling 101: No Questions Should Be Off Limits

How many times have you heard stories about kids who were disciplined in school for asking the wrong questions? Unfortunately, sometimes we #homeschool parents can fall into the same trap of being dismissive of territory we don’t particularly wish to tread. As uncomfortable as some topics can make us when discussing them with our kids, when it comes to #homeschooling, no questions should be off limits.

Distance Learning Will Be the End of Homeschooling

I remember when schools first shut down and children were “forced” to be home with their families. I was really hopeful at first. I was glad to see children where I believe most of them truly belong. Unfortunately, very quickly I began to realize the repercussions of what society has now falsely dubbed “homeschooling,” and why we need to be very wary of what may happen next.

How to Start Homeschooling | Tips from a Mom of 11

Although I have an extensive playlist on how to get started #homeschooling, I know that it would be helpful for some people to at least have a basic outline of what to do all in one video. Today’s video will give you an idea of where to start, what to do, and how to do it. I hope it’s helpful for you!

Large Family Homeschooling: How to Make It Work

One of the first questions I usually hear from people when they discover that I’m a #homeschooling mom of eleven is: How do you #homeschool so many kids? For starters, since I have four adult children, I’m not homeschooling eleven, although I was homeschooling ten at one point. Right now, I have seven school age children, which I realize is still a lot to some people. 😉 There are a few things I’ve learned over the past twelve years that have really helped me to realize that not only can large family homeschooling work, but it can be the best thing you ever did for your kids.

OMG. Check Out These Personalized Notebooks and Holiday Planners!

Can I tell you something that might surprise you? My kids have never owned anything that had their names on them. It’s true.

But now they do.

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My kids are now the proud owners of personalized notebooks from @familynestprinting, while I’ve been getting organized with the new Family Nest Holiday Planner.

My children have been merrily writing away in them (with no prompting from me!) since last night. So far I’ve seen a multitude of stories, spelling lists (of words that they chose), and even a list of animes.

I also enlisted the help of my kids to decide what will be on our Thanksgiving menu, so that is now officially in the Thanksgiving section of my new planner.

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