Question the Narrative | Star Forts and Other Mysteries

Most of us have heard about the Nazca lines in Peru, but how familiar are you with some other anomalies that I find even more interesting? Have you ever heard of star forts? Did you ever realize that Nazca isn’t the only place with mysterious drawings and lines? Join me as I talk about even more possible evidence of a former worldwide civilization.

Our Sherlock Curriculum (and other unconventional homeschooling ideas)

I often say how important it is to incorporate your child’s interests into their #homeschool curriculum, especially during the teenage years. While some kids may naturally take to a self-directed way of learning, some kids really do need or want the additional structure of a more formal learning style. If you have a child like this, no need to worry! You can still incorporate your child’s interests into their learning (no matter the topic). It simply takes a bit of brainstorming and planning.

School Will Only Make Your Parenting Problems Worse

It’s very troubling to me to see so many people falling into the vicious cycle that school itself has created. Think very hard about this. If you are having a hard time #parenting your children while they’re at home, why would you continue to send them to the institution that was the biggest catalyst for this problem to begin with?

Question the Narrative | Hidden Civilizations?

Most of us are aware of the pyramids that can be found worldwide. Most of us are NOT aware, however, of even greater evidence of a worldwide civilization that built grandiose buildings like those found in World’s Fairs. These buildings existed on every single continent with exception to Antarctica.

What is really going on?

Keeping Your Marriage Strong | Married 23 Years/11 Kids)

I don’t think I’ve ever addressed marriage here on my channel before, but it’s something that we need to pay more attention to. In this day and age, marriage no longer carries the honor and commitment that it once did for many people. Far too many people believe that marriage is going to be much easier than it actually is. You have to be willing to make it work, but it is so worth it.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my 23 years of marriage (which was blessed with 11 kids!)

Question the Narrative | World’s Fairs

The Jon Levi channel on YouTube has completely opened my eyes to the re-thinking of much of the history that we’ve been taught. I’ve taken so many things for granted – taken so many things at face value that I’m realizing now more than ever that a lot of what we’ve been told doesn’t make sense. World’s Fairs are only the beginning.

Let’s Talk About Some Public School Myths

It’s extremely common for homeschoolers to be inundated with public school myths by people who disagree with their way of life. While they are often well-intentioned, the problem is that most of these myths are simply accepted because they have been repeated for so long. When you actually think about them and do a little research, it becomes plainly clear that they just aren’t true.

It’s time to tackle a few.