Question the Narrative | Crystal Palaces (HisStory Repeats Itself)

In my last QtN video, I mentioned how the architects of our historical narrative like to repeat similar events throughout our timeline. In today’s video, I provided what I believe to be fantastic evidence of this. It’s time to delve into crystal palaces.

Homeschool FAQs: Can We Start Homeschooling Mid-Year?

It’s been a while since I added a new video to my Homeschool FAQs series, so I thought I was about due. People often ask me if they can (or even should) pull their kids from school mid-year in order to homeschool. Here’s my two cents.

My New SCHOOLNEST Homeschool Planning and Timeline Notebooks

We just had our homeschool evaluations yesterday, so now I’m ready to start thinking about next year (okay…next MONTH). I decided to change up my homeschool planner this year from the generic composition book I usually use to something more interesting – a homeschool planning notebook. While I was ordering the notebook, I saw these cute timeline notebooks recommended, and the rest is history!

Question the Narrative | Menehune and Other “Little Creatures”

I wanted to do something different for this week’s QtN video. I’ve already done three videos on giants and wanted to address the opposite end of the spectrum – little creatures – because, yes. There are stories of them all over the world, too.