My New SCHOOLNEST Homeschool Planning and Timeline Notebooks

We just had our homeschool evaluations yesterday, so now I’m ready to start thinking about next year (okay…next MONTH). I decided to change up my homeschool planner this year from the generic composition book I usually use to something more interesting – a homeschool planning notebook. While I was ordering the notebook, I saw these cute timeline notebooks recommended, and the rest is history!


Fun-Schooling Math Mysteries (Minecraft) and Classic Children’s Copywork (Cursive)

I ordered a couple other books for our upcoming #homeschooling year. Fun-Schooling Math Mysteries and Classic Children’s Copywork, so today I’m just sharing a sneak peek.

A Peek Inside the Times Tales Workbook!

Have you ever heard of Times Tales? Although they’re most well known for their CD/DVD, I recently learned that they also have a workbook. Since I’ve been trying to find something to help my kids solidify their multiplication facts, I decided to give it a whirl. So far, my kids are loving it!

A Peek Inside Konos Volume 3!

As you might already know, my family and I have been #homeschooling with Konos for many years. Last week, I bought Volume 3 because we’re almost finished with Volume 2, so here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside!

OMG. Check Out These Personalized Notebooks and Holiday Planners!

Can I tell you something that might surprise you? My kids have never owned anything that had their names on them. It’s true.

But now they do.

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with an affiliate link.)

My kids are now the proud owners of personalized notebooks from @familynestprinting, while I’ve been getting organized with the new Family Nest Holiday Planner.

My children have been merrily writing away in them (with no prompting from me!) since last night. So far I’ve seen a multitude of stories, spelling lists (of words that they chose), and even a list of animes.

I also enlisted the help of my kids to decide what will be on our Thanksgiving menu, so that is now officially in the Thanksgiving section of my new planner.

Visit and enter the code noplacelikehome10 from now through 11/25/20 for 10% off all personalized notebooks and holiday planners.

Flash Kids Language Arts Review | Grades 2, 4, 5, and 6

So many #homeschooling families spend an arm and a leg on language arts curriculum, so I thought I’d share the workbooks we use. They’re comprehensive, effective, engaging, and they only cost about $7!

How We Homeschool with Fun-Schooling Journals

Back when I was constantly making #notebooking videos, people used to comment all the time to tell me how much they thought our family would enjoy @funschoolingbooks. Boy, were they right. These books add just the right amount of structure and direction to an otherwise self-directed lesson. I highly recommend them for every #homeschooling family.

Since our homeschool changes every now and then, today on my channel I shared how we’re using them right now.

My Homeschool Mom Prayers Have Been Answered!

My homeschool mom prayers have been answered! Although notebooking is one of our favorite ways to learn, printing out all those pages is not exactly my favorite pastime, especially considering the horrible luck I’ve had with printers.

(This is a sponsored post. I was not required to share a positive review.)

I am so thankful to Family Nest Printing at for giving me the opportunity to review their service. Use the code noplacelikehome for 10% off of your order from now through August, 19, 2020! Trust me, you won’t be sorry.