Revolutionize Your Homeschool with Notebooking Success!

Imagine a homeschool day where your children beg you to let them start doing their schoolwork as soon as they wake up. Imagine your children happily chatting away as they diligently tackle the day’s assignment with nary a complaint or protest to be heard.

…Now imagine that assignment is a writing assignment.

Does this seem like an impossible scenario? Last year at this time I would’ve agreed with you, but guess what?

That’s been the atmosphere in our homeschool for the past month.  Continue reading “Revolutionize Your Homeschool with Notebooking Success!”


Simplify Your Christian Homeschool with Pathways Reading and Language Arts Curriculum

Anyone who is familiar with my main homeschool philosophy knows that, to our family, simplicity is key. Anytime I come across a curriculum that is simple, literature-based, and cross-curricular, you can bet I’m going to be excited about it!  Continue reading “Simplify Your Christian Homeschool with Pathways Reading and Language Arts Curriculum”

Take the Kids to Switzerland with the CASE OF ADVENTURE Switzerland Unit Study

I love unit studies.

 If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’re probably tired of hearing about it, but I can’t help it. It’s true. Combine the quaint beauty of Switzerland with a unit study, and you’ve got me hooked. That’s why I was so excited to discover CASE OF ADVENTUREContinue reading “Take the Kids to Switzerland with the CASE OF ADVENTURE Switzerland Unit Study”

French for Children, Primer B- Review and Giveaway!

(The following is a guest post written by Carol of journey-and-destination.)

 At the beginning of last year, my nearly 11 year old daughter started using French for Children, Primer A (FFCA) published by Classical Academic Press after a number of years of informal French study. It proved to be timely for her to commence learning this language using a more formal approach, and we were both very happy with the material. I wrote about our experience here.  

French for Children Primer B (FFCB) was published late last year and Classical Academic Press kindly sent me a copy for review purposes. I really like this Curriculum, and so my review is unabashedly positive, but it is my honest opinion.  Continue reading “French for Children, Primer B- Review and Giveaway!”

3 No-Nonsense Ways to Work with Life of Fred Math

Of the eight years we’ve been homeschooling, our favorite math curriculum hands-down is Life of FredNot being a family that particularly loves the drill-and-kill method of learning, Life of Fred has provided a fun alternative to the otherwise dreaded math programs we’ve used in the past.

As our homeschool has changed over the years, so has our approach to these books. What I’ve discovered through it all is that no matter which of these options you choose, your children will not only learn math as it is used in real life, but they’ll enjoy themselves while they’re doing it, too.  Continue reading “3 No-Nonsense Ways to Work with Life of Fred Math”

Lilla Rose- The Perfect Solution for Busy Moms

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As a busy mom of many, my days of spending hours on my hair are long gone. For me, this is a problem because I refuse to cut it short. In my opinion, long tresses are a mark of femininity I’m just not willing to part with. With that being said, I simply don’t have time to deal with it, so day after day you’ll find my hair up in a messy bun. It’s almost become my “Mom trademark.”  Continue reading “Lilla Rose- The Perfect Solution for Busy Moms”

Have You Ever Heard of the Kingdom of Thrim?

This past week my children and I have been adventurers in the Kingdom of Thrim. We’ve visited the home of a dollmaker, gotten an aerial view of this magical place, and have even painted dolls of our own, all without leaving the comfort of our home.

The Kingdom of Thrim, by Janis Cox, is a tale about a God-fearing gentleman named Yoj, a renowned dollmaker who is known far and wide for the beautiful dolls he creates. Eventually a man named Serge convinces Yoj to move to a new town called Shadowland, where he will make a great deal of money doing what he loves best- dollmaking. Yoj agrees and leaves his home in the Kingdom of Thrim to pursue what he believes will be a fulfilling life. Soon afterward, however, Yoj realizes his folly in not going to God about this decision first.  Continue reading “Have You Ever Heard of the Kingdom of Thrim?”

The Perfect Resource for Scripture Memorization for Children

One of the leading things I want to instill in my children is the importance of scripture memorization. Psalm 119:11 states:

“I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

I’ve recently had the pleasure to come across the Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible. Available in the NLT, NIV, and KJV versions of the Bible, it is an incredible resource to introduce and reinforce scripture in a variety of ways. Besides being a complete rendition of God’s word, it includes thematic memory verse plans, a download code for a website which includes songs for 100 of the memory verses, a user’s guide, challenge verses,a song index, and additional material to dig deeper into the 100 core verses.  Continue reading “The Perfect Resource for Scripture Memorization for Children”

How To Get Your Kids To Beg You To Do Spelling

Anyone who’s followed my blog for even a short period of time is well-acquainted with the fact that my kids are a bunch of wiggle worms. They absolutely love to learn, but they absolutely hate to have to sit down for any extended period of time.

I’m a natural speller. Since I was a child, I’ve always been able to spell words correctly without so much as a glance at a dictionary or thesaurus. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of my children. I’ve had some real issues for a few years with kids who are just struggling in this area. The last thing I want to do, however, is to make my kids sit for 45 minutes a day doing worksheets for a subject that frustrates them.  Continue reading “How To Get Your Kids To Beg You To Do Spelling”

Planning Your New Homeschool Year? I Have Just the Thing for You!

Planning a new homeschool year can be a fun, yet stressful, time. While most of my children adhere to a year round schedule, my high school age kids have opted for a schedule that more closely resembles a typical school year. One problem I always encounter with finding the right calendar is that the average calendar generally starts in January and ends in December, so I often end up having to use two separate calendars for one homeschool year.

I’m telling you, in a house as crazy as ours, it can be hard to keep track of one calendar, let alone two!  Continue reading “Planning Your New Homeschool Year? I Have Just the Thing for You!”