Homeschool Consulting Services

Are you a brand new homeschooler who’s looking for a little (or a lot) of guidance?

Are you a seasoned homeschooler who wants some one-on-one advice for relaxing your homeschool?

Are you confused by all the homeschooling options and need someone to walk you through it?

I can help you.

There’s No Place Like Home Homeschool Consulting Services


As a brand new service to homeschoolers, I am going to go above and beyond the basic advice I provide here on my blog and on my YouTube channel by offering a personal homeschool consultation via your choice of Google Hangouts (this is the only choice that offers a video consultation), Voxer, or phone. I will answer any of your questions, offer advice on setting up your homeschool, and/or address any other concerns you may have.

Homeschool Consultation Packages:

60 Minute Consultation- $50 (Your choice of Google Hangouts, Voxer, or phone)

30 Minute Consultation- $30 (Your choice of Google Hangouts, Voxer, or phone)

Email Consultation- $20 for a total of six email exchanges (Three on your end and three on mine)

(Included with the 30 and 60 minute consultations is a summary of the conversation that I will send to you via email. Also included is a follow-up email conversation at your request.)

If you are interested in any of these services, please fill out this contact form and specify what you’d like to discuss (this can be very general), what package you’d like, and your preferred method of communication (if applicable). After I receive your message, I will contact you with the remaining details.