ADHD Homeschooling: It’s All About Balance

Homeschooling a child with ADHD can be challenging at times. While there are a few tips I’ve shared in earlier videos to help navigate through it, in today’s video I shared two things that are crucial for maintaining the balance you need to keep your home learning as stress-free as possible.


8 Practical Steps to Homeschooling a Child with ADHD

Homeschooling and ADHD.

Can the two go together? As the mom of one child officially diagnosed with ADHD and a few others I suspect may have it, I’m going to answer that question with a big, resounding YES.

Not only can they go together, in fact, but I truly believe that it is the absolute best option for any child with this condition.

Let’s face it. The traditional school setting simply isn’t set up for children who have excess energy. As it happens, it just may be the antithesis of what these children need.  Continue reading “8 Practical Steps to Homeschooling a Child with ADHD”