10 of My All-Time Favorite Posts from 2016

Sometimes blogging takes a lot of guts, and these are the posts to prove it!

Two weeks ago I shared my ten most popular posts from 2016It was such an exciting post for me to write because I honestly never realized how many readers I have until I actually took the time to sit down and gather the numbers for that purpose. I am amazed and still feel so much gratitude for all of you.

While the posts chosen by all of you certainly hold a place near and dear to my heart, I have several others that did not make the cut of being one of my most viewed, but that I am so proud of having written.  Continue reading “10 of My All-Time Favorite Posts from 2016”


Why Should We Homeschool?- Part 12- Teachers Are Starting to Give Up

Well, today we’ve finally reached the end of this seriesIn all honesty, I could probably continue on for months with this theme, but I’ve reached the point where I know that if all of these reasons won’t help someone make the decision to homeschool, nothing will.

By now my dislike of the public education system is no secret, but what I really want to convey right now is that that aversion does not extend to teachers. Most teachers- current and former teachers- I know are selfless, caring individuals who truly want to help children succeed in the world. A great portion of them have a genuine affinity for children and only desire to to be a positive influence in their lives. Continue reading “Why Should We Homeschool?- Part 12- Teachers Are Starting to Give Up”