My Daughter’s in the Hospital. Please Pray.

Today I posted a short video about what’s been going on with my daughter and how she’s doing right now.

I appreciate your prayers and support so much. I’ve been getting a lot of recommendations regarding natural/homeopathic treatment. Believe me, I’ve read lots about it, and I’ve tried what I could afford to, but nothing has helped when she gets flare ups. She takes a natural supplement, and it’s fantastic when she’s feeling good, but it doesn’t do much in times like this. Same goes with the food she’s eating. She doesn’t eat dairy or gluten, but once she’s to this stage, even the food doesn’t make much difference.

I know there are naturopathic doctors out there, but it all comes down to $$$$. We just don’t have it, so we have to go where insurance takes us. Unfortunately, the price of natural treatments is just way too high for a lot of people, and, yeah, that is another contributor to why people are so sick.


I Don’t Ever Want to See 2019 Again

Today’s video is different from my others. In honor of the new year, this video is more like a therapy session, a recap of what has probably been the hardest year my family and I have ever experienced.

Here’s to praying for a much better 2020. 🙏