Oodles of Awesome Activities for Fire Prevention Week

(This post is dedicated to my nephew, Jerry, a fireman who is currently on medical leave due to an injury from fighting a fire.)

As many of you know, this week is Fire Prevention Week. Teaching our children about the dangers of fires and what to do in the event one happens can be a bit frightening for some, but it is so necessary. This hits rather close to home with me, as we just experienced a small fire in our kitchen a few months ago due to faulty wiring, and it was my 3 year old who alerted us to it. If she hadn’t done so, we may not have a house today.

Since this week is our break week, my younger children will not be doing any formal schoolwork; however, this is the perfect time to throw some fire safety activities into the mix.  Continue reading “Oodles of Awesome Activities for Fire Prevention Week”