10 of the Most Frustrating Homeschooling Comments I’ve Ever Heard

And why they frustrate me!

A few months ago I was at a family function chatting with a very sweet member of the family I don’t see very often. She was very curious about homeschooling, which made me happy because it’s obviously my favorite thing to talk about. After conversing for close to thirty minutes, she asked me a series of questions that I’m sure other homeschoolers have heard often, but still surprised me and, frankly, frustrated me. I didn’t let on, of course, and answered as politely and honestly as possible, but that one conversation really made me aware of all the false notions circulating about this educational choice that just don’t seem to go away- even when the answers are right in front of you.

While I’ve heard dozens of homeschooling myths, today I’m sharing my list of the:  Continue reading “10 of the Most Frustrating Homeschooling Comments I’ve Ever Heard”