How to Homeschool Kindergarten in 30 Minutes or Less

Thinking about homeschooling? Don’t let those social media posts about parents spending over an hour on one kindergarten worksheet with their child scare you. Real life homeschooling doesn’t look anything like that. In fact, homeschooling kindergarten can be finished in 30 minutes or less. There is no reason in the world for a 5-year-old to be sitting for several hours a day doing worksheets.


An Inside Look at Our Relaxed Homeschool- Spotlight on the Littles

So many times recently I’ve been asked what homeschooling looks like in my house. I find that no matter how basically I describe it, it always ends up seeming utterly confusing to anyone on the outside trying to make sense of it.

Additionally, I think a lot of people are unsure of what relaxed homeschooling actually is, and moreover, often wonder whether it’s “enough.”  Continue reading “An Inside Look at Our Relaxed Homeschool- Spotlight on the Littles”