Brave New World 2020 | Thinking Is Obsolete

Today’s video is from the Patreon archives. It’s the final segment in my Brave New World series. If you haven’t noticed, in this day and age, it seems as if thinking has become obsolete.

I wonder why.

Homeschooling: The Only Sane Option in an Insane World

I’ve been a vocal #homeschooling advocate for many years now, yet I’ve never seen a more urgent time to sound the alarm than now. The agenda of government schools is insane, and you can be sure they will make sure it is implemented no matter how much push back they get from parents. It’s time to rescue your kids. Pull them out and #homeschool.


The School Sysyem Is Scandalous

I’ve been told that I should stop talking about the schools since my kids are homeschooled and that I should “stay in [my] lane.” Well, guess what? Considering that the school system is socially engineering our future generation, it is 100% still my business, and I will not stop talking about it. As long as I have a voice to speak, I will use it.

We’ve Been Trained to Obey

Let’s face it. We’ve had to deal with a lot of utter nonsense in the 9 months since this unending “situation” began. I’ve been trying to figure out how so many people can unquestioningly submit to some of these absolutely meaningless orders. Suddenly it hit me. The reason this has gone so well for the powers-that-be is because, like dogs who go to obedience school, we’ve been trained to obey.

“Homeschooled Kids Are Indoctrinated, Too”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anyone who frequents my channel is well aware of how often I refer to the #indoctrination taking place in the school system. I’ve had several people make the assumption that parents also indoctrinate their children when they #homeschool them.

Here’s my answer to that.