Question the Narrative | Is This Evidence of How the Giants Survived the Flood??

This video is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Michael Heiser.

I’ve been reading the book Demons by Dr. Michael Heiser and came across the meaning of the word “rephaim,” the word used for the post-flood giants, and was totally confounded. Thanks to a @blurrycreatures podcast episode with Timothy Alberino, I had a revelation that led to a theory that might be evidence of how the giants survived the flood.


Question the Narrative | Reptilians: Aliens, Gods, or Nephilim?

I always thought the idea of reptilians was too crazy to consider, but then I learned that, like stories of the flood and giants, this type of humanoid has been known worldwide for a very long time. What a great reminder to keep an open mind!

Question the Narrative | Giants of North America

Less than a century ago, newspaper articles reporting on the discovery of #giant bones were not a rare occasion. Before the Smithsonian stepped in and completely took over the narrative, there was much information to be found on the subject. I have no doubt that if this type of history would be taught in schools, more students would pay attention. The question we all have to ask is – WHY is this completely ignored, if not outright covered up?