Homeschooling Is Neither Selfish Nor Privileged

Lately it’s been a common theme in the media to call #homeschooling, particularly homeschooling pods, selfish and privileged. I think it’s time to stop calling out the parents who are doing what’s best for their kids, and instead call out those parents who are fully capable of doing something but would rather sit back and wait for other people to solve their problems for them.

Yup. It’s once again time for me to say what many people are thinking.

Before Sending Your Child Back to Pandemic School…

Parents, if you’re planning on sending your kids back to school in the middle of this “pandemic,” please think long and hard before subjecting your kids to the “new school normal.”

It’s Not the Village’s Job to Raise Your Child

Once upon a time, a “village” was a community of closely knit individuals and extended family. They were people who lived life together and genuinely cared about one another. Since they spent so much time together, they were often beside other families as their children grew.

For all intents and purposes, that village is gone.

Today, more than ever, the “it takes a village…” adage is pushed more than ever…especially by collectivists. Unfortunately, the village they’re referring to doesn’t even closely resemble the village that saying actually refers to. It’s an entirely different entity altogether, and you’d do well to protect your children from it.