Up Close and Personal: My Experience with Pregnancy, DVTs, and Birth Control

I know this is pretty off topic for me, but as a mother to 11 children, I felt it was important to share.

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Pregnant or a New Mom? I’ve Got Just the Thing for You!

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I love babies. I guess that comes as no surprise coming from a mom of eleven. Pregnancy has also been something I’ve usually enjoyed, despite some difficulties in the last couple. I have read so many books on pregnancy and childbirth that I could probably be a labor and delivery nurse with no training at all. My youngest is 10 months old now, and the one book I wish I would have had would have be Baby Ready – Preparing for and Adapting to Life with Baby.

This week, my friend Monica over at HappyandBlessedHome.com, has launched this amazing eBook, and I promise, it will be a blessing to you.

As I stated earlier, I have read my share of pregnancy/new baby books, but one of the things that this book has is heart. In a world inundated with facts and figures, it was so refreshing to read a book that is personal, rather than clinical. Believe me, Monica knows her stuff, and I’m sure there’s so much you will relate to. She has two children and has given birth at 30 weeks and at 36 weeks, so she’s been on both sides of the fence with a preemie and an almost full-term baby. She has also endured what some may have considered a difficult time during pregnancy, but her book exudes sheer joy.

Although I do not have a newborn baby, there are still some topics addressed that are still relevant to me. I really appreciated the tips on getting your baby to sleep because, at 10 months, Kenzie still has me up at night. Another of my favorite features is an exhaustive list of baby gear that includes items for newborns up through the early toddler years. I also happen to love the freezer meal recipes she’s included, which look particularly delicious. You don’t have to be pregnant to appreciate these meals!

As if this isn’t enough, she also has some wonderful freebies, including: free baby gear and magazines, free nursery planner and nursery wall art, free prayer cards for pregnancy and baby, free eBook for first-time dads, and/or the free guide to baby play.

As a part of the launch, from now through March 31, 2014, readers of There’s No Place Like Home will receive a 30% discount on the book and all the printables, but hurry because the offer does not last long. To redeem your discount, use the code 30LAUNCH. That brings the price down from $7.99 to $5.59!

Baby Ready includes:

Things you can do to prepare for baby’s arrival

  • FREE Baby Gear Linksstar baby ready book
  • Freezer Meal Recipes
  • Nursery Set-up
  • Baby Gear Recommendations
  • Baby Registry Checklist
  • Selecting an Obstetrician
  • Hospital Tour Checklist
  • What to Pack for the Hospital
  • Pregnancy Tracking Apps
  • Baby Name Planner

Make life easier after baby is born

  • Baby Tracker
  • Breastfeeding Tips
  • Bottle-feeding Tips
  • Get Baby to Sleep
  • Packing a Diaper Bag
  • Getting Organized
  • Babysitter Checklist
  • Recommended Reading
  • Marriage Resources

The book is 32 chapters and 115 pages of valuable information including resources, links and more.

For a limited time, “Baby Ready” also comes with the following:

  • 40 Printable prayer cards to pray through pregnancy and for baby based on Psalms 139 and 121, and Proverbs 3
  • Cute nursery wall art printables (8 1/2″ x 11″) perfect for almost any nursery – six styles to choose from (print, frame, and display) and
  • Nursery planner printable with varying room dimensions and standard size nursery furniture for planning your nursery’s layout
  • The eBook – “Twin Dad Talks: Help For First-Time Fathers Navigating Pregnancy” by Michael G. Crider
  • Free “Baby Games” printable from Spit and Sparkles blog with great ideas for baby play
  • This collection would also make a great baby gift for an expectant or new mom in your life.

    Interested? Click here to purchase and receive the eBook and all the printables for only $7.99 in one easy download. And don’t forget- from now through March 31, you will get a 30% discount by using the coupon code 30LAUNCH.

    Babies are such a blessing. Why not enter this new phase of life with confidence? Enjoy!

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