Why Are the Most “Educated” People So Blind?

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to questioning the narrative, the more degrees a person has, the harder time they have in letting go of preconceived ideas? After seeing someone ask this question on Twitter, it got me thinking… why IS that the case?

You know me. I’ve got a few ideas. 😉

Homeschooling 101: No Questions Should Be Off Limits

How many times have you heard stories about kids who were disciplined in school for asking the wrong questions? Unfortunately, sometimes we #homeschool parents can fall into the same trap of being dismissive of territory we don’t particularly wish to tread. As uncomfortable as some topics can make us when discussing them with our kids, when it comes to #homeschooling, no questions should be off limits.

Question the Narrative | Antarctica – The Edge of the World

I had to take a break from my Question the Narrative series after the last one because, while I was prepared for some backlash, I was surprised at how many people were genuinely angry about me broaching the topic of the flat earth. After some time of prayer and contemplation, however, I’ve realized that I cannot allow the opinion of others to dictate the things I talk about, especially when it comes to encouraging others to not be afraid to question what we’re told to believe without evidence.

In today’s video, I addressed a couple of questions I received since the last one on this topic.

Question the Narrative | Flat Earth??

I’ve been wanting to include this topic in this series for awhile, but I’ve been hesitant because people get even angrier about this than the mask debate.

In the last several weeks, though, I have had so many questions and requests about this topic, I decided to put on my big girl pants and discuss the gigantic elephant in the room.

Question the Narrative | Giants (Part 1)

Are giants real, or are they myths? Because of their presence in fairy tales, they’re often written off as mere legends.

But what about the biblical accounts of them? Shouldn’t we believe what the Bible tells us?

Today’s video begins what I believe may be a 3-part series on the abundance of evidence behind the nephilim, better known as giants.

Question the Narrative | International Space Station

Why, yes. It is once again time for me to question a taboo subject. The thing is, when it comes to the ISS, a lot of stuff just doesn’t add up. The more I look into NASA, the more I wonder what exactly they’re REALLY doing with their taxpayer-funded $22.6 billion/yr.

Question Everything | North Pole

We’ve always been told that there is no land at the North Pole; however, 16th century maps and the diary entries of explorers tell us that may not be the case. To top it all off, there is an interesting North Pole-related anomaly on Google Earth. Could they be hiding land? Maybe. Maybe not. But it sure is fun researching, anyway.

Question Everything: Part 1

Lately I’ve been posting a lot about the importance of questioning everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. The fact is, there are even topics that make those who are awake uncomfortable.

That’s what this video is about. We’ve got to overcome the idea that some things are taboo to question. Some of the things I talk about in this video will likely make people uncomfortable, but that’s the point. You will never prevail over your conditioning if you never face it.