Question the Narrative | Underground Tunnels and the Inheritors

Last week’s video sent me on a rabbit trail regarding underground tunnels. That led to another rabbit trail which got me thinking. Could THIS be where the inheritors were kept during the reset?

Also, after much prayer and contemplation, I realized that I have some deep misgivings about the Tartaria/Millennial Reign theory, so I addressed that in the first 5 minutes of this video.


Question the Narrative | World’s Fairs: Post-Reset Re-Education?

Have you ever wondered what the actual purpose of the World’s Fairs were? We’ve all heard the narrative that they were held to showcase accomplishments, but the enormity, lavishness, and entire atmosphere of these events lend credence to the notion that they were about something far more important.

Could these fairs have been about re-educating a reset population?