How to Protect Your Child from a Peer’s Worldly Behavior

5 ways to stave off bad language from your children’s playmates

Although there are many, many reasons I’ve chosen to homeschool, one of the main causes is simply because I am trying to raise my children to speak and act in an honorable manner. Unfortunately, the atmosphere in a good portion of public schools is one in which bad behavior and foul language go unchecked. Crude language is seen as a sign of maturity, and those who do not speak that way are often teased.

I am not for one second trying to put forth the notion that my kids are perfect. I’m chuckling just at the thought of that. However, how my children present themselves to others is important enough to me to merit a high place on my “reasons to homeschool” roster.  Continue reading “How to Protect Your Child from a Peer’s Worldly Behavior”