Question the Narrative | Underground Tunnels and the Inheritors

Last week’s video sent me on a rabbit trail regarding underground tunnels. That led to another rabbit trail which got me thinking. Could THIS be where the inheritors were kept during the reset?

Also, after much prayer and contemplation, I realized that I have some deep misgivings about the Tartaria/Millennial Reign theory, so I addressed that in the first 5 minutes of this video.


Question the Narrative | Underground Cities

Although I had to edit out a portion of this video because I got a copyright claim for 45 seconds of a video with no sound, I think this is one of my favorite videos in this series. To me, it solidifies so much of what I’ve been saying about manufactured history, #mudfloods, and, the fact that, yes, there are underground cities, and you CAN build one city on another.

Question the Narrative | Mudflood or Mudfossils?

Last week (pre-rona…yes, we’redealing with that right now), I took some of my kids for another walk on the Slate Heritage Trail. I know I’ve featured it a few times, but there are so many strange things there that it seems like I find something new every time we go.

I’ve had several people mention Mudfossil University and I have actually been subscribed to Roger’s channel for years. I still have lots of questions about it, though, and, at this point, it seems to me like a mudflood is more likely to be the cause of much of what I’m seeing. I’m open to anyone with insight about mudfossils, though!

Question the Narrative | 1890 Mudflood? (Tartaria in My Town)

I was inspired by the channel Streets of Tartaria to take a walk around my town and record what I believe to be evidence of Tartaria/mudflood. While doing so, I was able to come up with a possible timeline for whatever calamity may have happened in this area and when the newcomers(?) seem to have started to rebuild.

Question the Narrative | Tartaria, the Thousand Year Reign, and Armageddon

Today’s video includes some really valuable insight I’ve gained from both commenters and channels like Autodidactic. This topic is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, except this is way more fun to put together. 😉

Question the Narrative | Faking History?

The Question the Narrative series is about the possibility that we have been deceived about most things that we believe to be true. People often ask how this could possibly happen. How can they hide it? What about eyewitnesses? In today’s video, I’m sharing some ideas for how that could happen rather easily.