Why Should We Homeschool?- Part 7- Focusing on True Education Instead of Mass Instruction

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My kids love to help me make beef chips. They each line up at their own station prepared to do their part in creating the finished product. Our little assembly line looks something like this:

1st Station- Take a sirloin beef tip off the plate and bread it

2nd Station- Dip the breaded beef tip into the egg/milk mixture

3rd Station- Rebread the moistened, breaded beef tip

4th Station- Deliver the prepared beef tips to the cook

5th Station- Fry the beef tips until golden brown

In case you’re wondering, today’s post is not about cooking despite how things may look at first glance. This post is about the education, or should I say mass education, that is being provided in traditional schools.

You see, I’ve come to see this method of education as an assembly line, similar to our beef chip assembly line. From kindergarten on up, each grade has the goal of providing exactly the same thing to a very large and often very different group of students. As the years progress, the steps taken may look different, but they are all working toward achieving the outcome hoped for by the school system. What is that outcome? Well, the outcome we hoped for in our beef chip assembly line was to repeat the same steps over and over again so that each beef chip would turn out exactly the same.

All of American education has come to resemble Henry Ford’s assembly line. Students receive a standardized education. Teachers work as quickly as possible as the product moves by to put in those parts deemed necessary by the administration. Quality-control inspectors watch the workers to make sure they are doing everything as dictated by the owner’s manual. In the past decade, the line has been sped up, the workers are asked to add more bells and whistles, and the raw material at the beginning of the line has decreased in quality.– Washington Post

The problem with this idea is that our children are not beef chips. They are not automobiles, and they are not pairs of sneakers being assembled. They are individuals with different interests, different strengths, and different dreams.

Wouldn’t it make much more sense if we parents took the initiative to give our children the education suited for them? And, unlike the assembly line, this doesn’t look the same for every child, nor should it.

A true education is not about textbooks and worksheets and standardized tests. A true education will provide preparation for the real world- the actual real world, not the simulated version designed to fit within the walls of the school building.

The elementary school by our house

It will be molded to best fit each child’s potential calling in the world they will one day be a part of are already a part of. A true education will approach life itself as the classroom- a classroom without boundaries or bells or timed tests.

Government education has two ultimate goals it aims to instill in every student- conformity and following orders.

If you ask me, that’s not much of an education at all.

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Why Should We Homeschool?- Part 5- Political Correctness Run Amok

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I had originally intended to write about the centrality of the family this week. In fact, I had absolutely no plans to touch on the issue of political correctness at all because I assumed I had it well covered with my post on values. Unfortunately, however, I woke up Saturday morning to read in the local newspaper that our self-apponted king president had issued a decree which threatens to cut off funding to schools who do not allow students to choose whichever restroom or locker room they feel like using, instead of that which best fits their actual gender.

Despite my admitted dislike of the public education system, I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought that our school system would be reduced to nothing but a social engineering experiment by the leader of our country.  Our president has taken it upon himself to re-write truth and alter the moral fabric that has defined civilized society for centuries, and he is now enforcing it to the extreme in our very own schools.

Upon reading the article yesterday morning, I was fuming and, honestly, ranting and raving to my husband about it. He questioned why I was upset, because our children are homeschooled. I replied that I am anguished for the children in the public education system whose parents either can’t or won’t pull them out of school.

Obama claims his “decree” is to protect the rights of these students who suffer from a disorder that makes them feel like they were born the wrong sex. First of all, these people comprise less than 1% of the population. Secondly, and most importantly, what about the rights of everyone else?

What about the rights of our daughters and sons to maintain privacy in the most sensitive situations? Are you comfortable with the thought of a male student entering the girls’ locker room while your daughter is changing? I would surely hope the answer is no! This should not be allowed! Instead of focusing on the discomfort of 1% of the population, why not turn our attention to the other 99%? This is ludicrous.

Alarmingly, there aren’t even any limitations to this. Anyone can use the restroom of their choice. Anyone. There are no doctor’s notes or formal diagnoses required to be afforded this “right.” I’m going to say it again. Any student can do it- which puts children everywhere at risk.

The issue with Target is bad enough, but at least there a parent can accompany their children to the restroom. This isn’t going to happen in your children’s school!

And make no mistake that there is a political agenda to this. Think about it. Can a 16-yr-old say that they’ve always felt older and be served at a bar? What about Rachel Dolezal? There was an uproar when it was discovered that she had lied about her racial heritage and was a leader of the NAACP. She publicly stated that she identified as an African-American and gave her reasons. It was no use. Amidst cries of racial appropriation she was forced to step down from her position. For the record, I do not agree with what she did. I am making a point that simply because you identify with one group of people does not mean that you are one of them.

Why, then, is this self-delusion being forced upon our children by none other than our nation’s leader? Where do you draw the line? What is the real reason behind all this?

To be honest. I don’t know. But whatever the reason, I do know one thing. There can’t be anything good that will come out of this. The changeover from a republic to an oligarchy has begun. It has been insidious, and it has been making its way into our schools for decades now. The only difference is that it is no longer being hidden from the public.

How has this happened? We have been conditioned to accept it for decades. And where do you think this training has occurred?

I am pleading with you to give some serious thought to whether you’re willing to be a part of this. Do you feel safe sending your children to school, knowing what they now must face? Please, reconsider the notion that school is the only way to go. Your children’s futures and well-being depend upon it.


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