The Year-Round Schedule That Saved Our Homeschool

Back-to-school time is here for both traditional school students and a good portion of homeschoolers. 

When we first started out on this journey, I thought I was obligated to follow the public school schedule for our district, so that’s exactly what I did. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the best fit for us, and it ultimately contributed to my bout with homeschool burnout in which I gave up and sent my kids back to school for two years.

Worst. decision. ever.

Fortunately, when I came to my senses and pulled my kids back out, I was armed with a new philosopy of homeschooling and a new schedule.

Today I’m going to share that schedule with you. 🙂


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10 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Big Family

Are you feeling frazzled over the undeniably daunting task of cleaning up after your big family? Does this seemingly endless chore make you a grumpy mom who’s no fun to be around?

Believe me, I’m right there with you sometimes.

Being a mom of 11 is one of the most joyful aspects of my life. My family is everything to me, and being a mom to a a ‘super-size’ family is a major part of my identity…I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my husband and children.

However…  Continue reading “10 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Big Family”

Keeping It Simple: How I Homeschool 10 Children

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Happy Monday, everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know that I am officially a guest contributor on They Call Me Blessed! I’m so excited to be working with so many talented bloggers on the 30 Ways We Homeschool Blog Party. Today I’m inviting you to stop on over and read about our family’s homeschool routine, including how we do it, where, when, and what we’ve chosen for the upcoming year’s curriculum. While you’re there, think about looking back through the other posts in this series. It’s always so amazing to see the many faces of homeschool!

Hope to see you there! Have a great day. 🙂