Dear Leftists, You’ve Got It All Wrong!!

Warning: This post may offend you. Read at your own risk.

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Recently I sent an email to our US Representative regarding Obama’s bathroom decree. No, I do not have any children in school, but I do worry about the children who are. Today I received a letter back, and, while it was very courteous, it was a perfect illustration of how the supporters of this presidential edict clearly do not listen to those of us who oppose it.

There were several points in this letter that I’d like to contest, and I figured that rather than sending another email, I’d use my blog as a forum, so here goes:

“It is my sincere opinion that discrimination in any form should be illegal.”

Oh really? Interesting. I won’t even get into all of the discrimination Christians suffer at the hands of the Left. That’s a story for another day. But this is what I would like to point out right now:

Regarding the transgender community, lately every day we hear about the right of these individuals to not be discriminated against. And you’re right, people should not be discriminated against. But requiring people to use the bathroom that “fits their plumbing” is not discrimination. It’s common sense.

Where were the supporters of this bathroom decree when Rachel Dolezal was ripped to shreds for posing as an African-American woman in her work for the NAACP? She did amazing things for them, yet she eventually resigned her position, even though she identified as being black. *I am not for one minute supporting what she did- I’m merely pointing out the double standards of the Left.* If she identified as African-American, why should liberals have a problem with that? It’s all about feelings after all, right?

If my 16-yr-old sincerely feels like he’s an “old soul” and is older than his birth certificate tells us he is, would it be discriminatory for the voter’s registration office to turn down his application for a voter’s registration card?

Where does it end? Since when have the same people who have so tightly embraced “everything science” suddenly become adamantly opposed to it?

-“This decree does not impact any of the privacy afforded you or any other individual who seeks to utilize a public restroom…”

Umm…I beg to differ. Yes, it certainly does. There is no reason that a 10-yr.-old boy should be allowed in a restroom with a 6-yr.-old girl. There is no reason that an 18-yr.-old boy  should be in a locker room full of teenage girls. And there is certainly no reason that a 50-yr.-old man belongs in a store restroom with my 11-yr.-old daughter. Period. Period. I understand that students who are confused in this way may be uncomfortable going into the proper bathroom, but it is my understanding that the nurse’s bathroom and faculty restroom have been open to them for quite some time.

“Pedophilia is not a LGBT issue…”

I never said it was, and the vast majority of people who disagree with this decree agree. Why is it so hard to understand that this edict is not going to benefit only trans people, but also sickos everywhere who are elated at this new chance for them?

Where’s the litmus test? Is someone going to stand outside all restrooms giving a psychological evaluation to each person who enters? Of course not, and predators everywhere recognize this.

Why don’t you?



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