Notebooking Through American History with Home School in the Woods

I remember when I hated history. There was nothing more boring to me than memorizing dates, names, places, and events that seemed to have no significance in my life other than making me really good at trivia games. Simply put, I just didn’t want to be bothered with it.

Fast forward 20 years… history has become my passion. It has helped me to define who I am, where I’m going, and who I want to be.

You might be wondering how this change came about. I’ll give you one word: homeschooling. Continue reading “Notebooking Through American History with Home School in the Woods”

This Is How You Know Your Brainwashing Is Complete

Is it really August already? In just a few weeks time, children and parents all over the country will be gearing up for back-to-school time.

Unfortunately, the new school year will be starting on the heels of some very troubling events – two mass shootings, to be precise. Considering that schools have been targets of these heinous crimes in the past, it’s only natural that parents are concerned with how to protect their children, hence the topic of this post.

I’m actually going to be re-visiting a topic I covered last year – bulletproof backpacks.

(For commentary and a bit of ranting on an article covering this subject, watch the video. Ranting is my specialty. 😉)

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