Teaching My Children to Question the Narrative

As someone who is very vocal about questioning the narrative, I’ve had many people ask for advice on how to teach our children to do the same. Here’s one example of what we’re doing right now.

Brave New World 2020 | Thinking Is Obsolete

Today’s video is from the Patreon archives. It’s the final segment in my Brave New World series. If you haven’t noticed, in this day and age, it seems as if thinking has become obsolete.

I wonder why.

Homeschool FAQs: Can We Start Homeschooling Mid-Year?

It’s been a while since I added a new video to my Homeschool FAQs series, so I thought I was about due. People often ask me if they can (or even should) pull their kids from school mid-year in order to homeschool. Here’s my two cents.

Homeschooling Means Quality PLUS Quantity

“Quality over quantity” is something that often gets applied to #parenting, and it’s really something I take issue with. The amount of time children spend with their parents really DOES matter. That’s something #homeschooling can provide – quality PLUS quantity.