10 Things I Don’t Miss About Public School

A homeschool mom’s reflections on her children’s time in public school

If you live in the northern hemisphere, chances are that summer break is here! As always, I’m seeing so many different reactions from parents about this time of year. Some are relieved and happy to have their kids home for a couple months. Some are feeling overwhelmed and are scrambling to figure out how to keep their kids occupied for the next 12 weeks. And still others are, unfortunately, trying to overcome the obstacles that have been thrown before them (NY and CA, I’m looking at you) and are trying to figure out what will become of their children’s education once summer is over.

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You CAN Help Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities

I remember the day I realized my oldest son was “different.” He came home from school feeling completely dejected and humiliated. The cause? His teacher had arranged for the little girl who sat next to him to pack his backpack for him every day before they were dismissed. Apparently, the disorganization I had grown used to with him was becoming an obstacle to his learning.

As time went on, his troubles at school began to pile up. Before I knew it, I was called in for a meeting to discuss the possibility of retention because his reading level was not where it was expected to be. I refused to allow him to be held back.

How could the articulate and intelligent child I knew possibly be struggling in school? At 3, he was able to give the correct name for every single snake he came across in books, even to the point of differentiating between a puff adder and a European adder. At 4 and 5 years of age, people used to be shocked to learn how young he was because of his extensive vocabulary and excellent conversational skills.

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Why I Will Never Force College on My Kids

Over the past few years of me being a homeschool blogger, I’ve learned one very obvious thing:

My views on homeschooling, education, and the world, in general, are very different from most other homeschool moms.

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