Ordinary Families Can Homeschool, Too.

I realized the other day that one of the reasons people believe you have to be wealthy to homeschool is because if you look on social media, that’s mainly what you see – #homeschooling families with big beautiful houses and perfectly decorated homeschool rooms. The reality is, though, there are a lot of us “ordinary families” who homeschool, as well. People need to see this. People need to see others that they can relate to. Let’s show them that homeschoolers come from all walks of life!

Homeschool Tour | How We Organize in a Very Small House

Ever since I posted the video last week about why we stopped using a #homeschool room, I’ve been wanting to show you how we organize our homeschool in a 730 sq. ft. house. When you’re low on space and resources, the key is functionality and practicality.

Homeschooling 101: Testing Tweaks for Kids with Anxiety

Do you have a child with testing #anxiety – or any kind of anxiety? While #homeschooling children like this is a joy, test time can be somewhat challenging. Although I no longer use tests in our #homeschool (other than the required standardized tests), I know some parents are uncomfortable with forgoing tests completely, so today I’m sharing some tweaks you might find helpful.

Question the Narrative | Giants and the Smithsonian

As divine providence would have it, as I was reading the other day, I came across an entire section in my book on the Smithsonian Institute and how, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always forthcoming about reality. While I really wanted to get into more specifics about the giant stories of North America today, I changed course and decided to dig into the Smithsonian. After all, they’ve been implicated over and over again in the cover-up of the evidence of giant bones, so I thought I’d give you a little insight.

Things are often not what we’ve been told.

Why We Stopped Using a Homeschool Room

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of beautiful photos of #homeschool rooms that are totally Pinterest-worthy. Knowing what I know about other homeschool moms, I’m sure there are those who might be feeling guilty because they either don’t have the space for one or simply found that having a homeschool room didn’t work for them. Today’s video is dedicated to them. ❤

Homeschool FAQs: What If We Don’t Cover Everything??

Deciding to home educate is a huge undertaking, and it can be intimidating to think about all of those things you’re “supposed” to teach. What if you don’t cover everything?? Lucky for you, I have a really simple answer to that question.

Question the Narrative | Giants (Part 1)

Are giants real, or are they myths? Because of their presence in fairy tales, they’re often written off as mere legends.

But what about the biblical accounts of them? Shouldn’t we believe what the Bible tells us?

Today’s video begins what I believe may be a 3-part series on the abundance of evidence behind the nephilim, better known as giants.

Homeschooling Is About So Much More Than Education

Everyone knows that homeschooling is about education. It’s common knowledge, right? Because of all the craziness happening in the world today, a lot of parents are considering homeschooling, and I say good for them.

If you’re one of those parents, I’ve got some even better news for you – homeschooling is about so much MORE than education.

My Favorite Books About Homeschooling!

One of the most important things to do as a homeschooling parent is to read about it – different methods, different learning styles, anecdotal stories, etc. – before you start.

Even seasoned homeschooling parents can benefit from reading books such as these. They can give you new ideas and simply rejuvenate you when you need it most.

Today on my YouTube channel, I shared my favorite books about homeschooling.

Parents, When Are You Going to Say, “ENOUGH”??

As this uncertain back-to-school season unfolds with a focus on virtual learning, I’ve been seeing some deeply disturbing developments. Teachers and administrators are clamoring to regain control over their students by subversion and a bold effort to get parents out of the way. It’s time to wake up. I have been saying this for years, and it’s only getting worse.

From one teacher fretting over the fact that parents may overhear his Zoom discussions with his students to an entire school district imposing a dress code on children who are doing distance learning AT HOME, the agenda is getting clearer and clearer.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it – PARENTS, WAKE UP. It will only go down from here.