Question the Narrative | Lunatic Asylums and Penitentiary Castles

Let’s explore lunatic asylums a little further today because I find the subject fascinating to think about. In addition, let’s explore the notion that there ARE castles in the United States. They were just designated as penitentiaries.

Question the Narrative | Mudflood Window Explanations?

Today’s QtN video is a bit shorter, I know, but I really thought it would be helpful to go over some explanations being presented for mudflood windows because, you know what? It’s not as cut and dry as some people believe.

Every Day’s a School Day (Supporting Self-Directed Learning)

In today’s video, I’m hoping to clear up the misconception that #homeschooling always has to look like school at home by sharing some tips on how to support self-directed learning.

Question the Narrative | Underground Tunnels and the Inheritors

Last week’s video sent me on a rabbit trail regarding underground tunnels. That led to another rabbit trail which got me thinking. Could THIS be where the inheritors were kept during the reset?

Also, after much prayer and contemplation, I realized that I have some deep misgivings about the Tartaria/Millennial Reign theory, so I addressed that in the first 5 minutes of this video.

Question the Narrative | Giants of North America

Less than a century ago, newspaper articles reporting on the discovery of #giant bones were not a rare occasion. Before the Smithsonian stepped in and completely took over the narrative, there was much information to be found on the subject. I have no doubt that if this type of history would be taught in schools, more students would pay attention. The question we all have to ask is – WHY is this completely ignored, if not outright covered up?

Our Seasonal Homeschool Plan and Curriculum- 2021/2022

As this #homeschool year winds down, I’m finding myself already getting excited over my new seasonal #homeschooling plan for the new year. Today I’m sharing our plan and curriculum.

Is There a Typical Homeschool Day?

I remember when I started homeschooling. I desperately wanted to see some examples of a typical #homeschool day, but every time I searched, I kept seeing the same thing: THERE IS NO TYPICAL HOMESCHOOL DAY.

I’ll be honest, that discouraged me a little bit. As lovely as blissful, spontaneous days sound, some of us NEED structure – even if it’s only a little bit, and there’s NOTHING wrong with that.

Question the Narrative | Underground Cities

Although I had to edit out a portion of this video because I got a copyright claim for 45 seconds of a video with no sound, I think this is one of my favorite videos in this series. To me, it solidifies so much of what I’ve been saying about manufactured history, #mudfloods, and, the fact that, yes, there are underground cities, and you CAN build one city on another.