Lazy Day Links- 6/3/16

lazy day links
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We just completed our first week of vacation when EVERYONE was actually done. This week has been quite relaxing for me because we’ve only had 7 kids home all week. 🙂

Ready for this week’s links?

Favorite Blog Posts:

The Self Help Sham– Beauty Beyond Bones

Judge Not!– The Fitly Spoken Word

On letting summer break replenish and restore your kids– Simple Homeschool

Dear Target, I Love You, But We’re Breaking Up– Smartter Each Day

How to Explain to Your Kids Why Some People Think Gorillas and Humans Are Equally Valuable– Natasha Crain


My Older Posts:

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Literature-Based Unit Study

Homeschooling IS Learning in the Real World

Think You Know Why Compulsory School Exists? Think Again.

Why Should We Homeschool?- Part 5- Political Correctness Run Amok

Drop Your Schoolish Mindset So Your Kids Can Get a Real Education


(This post contains affiliate links.)

Great Read-Alouds:

A Wrinkle in Time Series– Madeleine L’Engle

Percy Jackson and the Olympians– Rick Riordan

Harry Potter Series– J.K. Rowling

The Little House Series– Laura Ingalls Wilder

Me and the Pumpkin Queen– Marlane Kennedy


I hope you enjoy, and have an awesome weekend!

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