25 MORE Reasons Why Homeschooling Is Better Than School

homeschooling is better than school

Last week I shared 50 reasons why homeschooling is better than school. As I neared the end of that post, I realized that there was no way I could limit it to only 50.

So…today I’ll be sharing:

25 MORE Reasons Why Homeschooling Is Better Than School

You’re welcome. 🙂 

1. It helps you to appreciate your kids more.

When my kids were in school, I used to sign them up for every after-school program imaginable because, frankly, I just wasn’t used to being with them. Now, I would rather be with them than without them.

2. No need to worry about what your kids are going to wear.

Whether you’re buying expensive clothing so your kids can “fit in,” or you’re forking out big bucks for uniforms, there’s no need to worry about either of them when you homeschool. In fact, doing school in your pj’s can be pretty relaxing!

3. Your kids can do their assignments with a cat in their lap.

Or a dog drooling on the paper, or a bird chirping in the background… Having animals around can be very therapeutic and great stress relievers- especially when those math problems are extra-hard!

4. You can have snow days AND sun days.

What could be better than taking a “day off” to enjoy the sunshine?

5. School can happen anywhere.

And the best part about this is that it doesn’t even have to look like school! Ah, the freedom that comes with homeschooling.

6. Library books are so much more interesting than textbooks.

Admit it. They really are. Why use the library only to find resources for reports when it’s the perfect place to find your entire curriculum?

7. Peer pressure.

Need I say more?

8. Your kids have the freedom to be themselves.

Children who are free from an environment immersed in peer pressure are able to be themselves- not what society expects them to be.

9. You can take the day off “just because.”

Let’s face it. Sometimes we just need to have a lazy day. And that’s okay! These are the days we can use to rejuvenate ourselves and get excited about this lifestyle all over again.

10. Birthdays count as “school holidays.”

Hey, if schools can have countless teacher in-service days, we can have birthday in-service days, right?

11. Valentine’s Day cards are welcome.

So is saying “Christmas,” “Easter,” and “Jesus.” 🙂

12. Netflix days.

I don’t think people realize how great of a resource Netflix and even YouTube can be. Need a way to shake things up? Netflix days are the perfect solution.

13. Helping around the house has far more practical value than memorizing who Charlemagne was.

Children who are home have the added advantage of shadowing their parents in day to day life, whether it’s through household chores, home maintenance, or even working on the car. These are skills that will benefit your children far more than knowing what the Isosceles Triangle Theorem is.

14. You’re free from being confined by the public/private school schedule.

It can be frustrating to schedule your entire life around your school district’s daily and yearly schedule. Homeschooling allows you to do school when you want to and take time off when you need to- no questions asked, because you’re in charge!

15. DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) days.

Best. days. ever.

16. You’re free from being confined by stuffy teacher’s manuals.

I swear that some of the people who write these are intent on squeezing any fun out of learning that they can. Blech. (For more of my thoughts on this, click on this video.)

17. You don’t have to worry about finishing a curriculum.

Since homeschooling allows your child to learn at their own pace, you’ll often find that you won’t complete a curriculum by the end of the year, and that’s okay! What is important is that your child was able to learn at a rate that works best for them.

18. You can drop a curriculum that isn’t working.

Schools are confined to using the same textbooks for everyone, whether it’s working or not. In a home education setting, you can embrace the flexibility homeschooling offers and change curriculums whenever you feel the need to. Remember, they’re tools, not Bibles.

19. Your kids can be trained as entrepreneurs instead of workers.

It’s safe to say that schools are more interested in training their students to be ready for the workforce rather than entrepreneurs or business owners. Workers are a dime a dozen. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can change the world.

20. Homeschoolers can learn about the world by being in it.

What do you think is more effective? Learning about tadpoles on worksheets, power points, and textbooks…or wading into a creek to find them and possibly collect some to watch them grow?

21. No busywork necessary.

Schools have to rely heavily on busywork so that students who finish early will have something to do until their classmates are finished. In a homeschool, once your child is done, they’re done. No busywork necessary.

22. You can focus on morals.

I think many of us would agree that the public education system isn’t exactly focusing on morals that we’re comfortable with. That shouldn’t be up to the schools, anyway, but should be the responsibility of the parents.

23. You can educate your children to the glory of God.

All wisdom and knowledge comes from God. You can bet they won’t learn that in school.

24. Critical thinking can be learned through real life experiences.

Not through test prep worksheets.

25. Homeschoolers are not afraid to question the government and society-at-large.

The fact that we’re homeschooling rather than sending our kids to school is a clear indicator of that. Public school students don’t have that kind of voice. They’re only taught to obey.

Bonus—– 26. Recess can last all day if you want it to.

I thought of this as we were walking to the creek today. We could hear the public school students outside, and all I kept thinking was, “They’ve only got 15 minutes in this glorious sunshine. We have all day.”

What a blessing homeschooling is, indeed.

What about you? I’m curious. Do you have any reasons I missed in these two posts? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

To read my original post, “50 Reasons Why Homeschooling Is Better Than School,” click here.


Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

41 thoughts on “25 MORE Reasons Why Homeschooling Is Better Than School”

  1. Fantastic list, Shelly! My top reason is TIME. Glorious, precious time with my kids, time they have together to become best friends, time they have to pursue their interests which they’ll actually remember and use in life, time to learn their way and at their pace, time to enjoy childhood longer, etc. etc. etc! My next reason is all the freedom.

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  2. Love this list espically number 15. DARE. As my oldest is getting more and more into reading I am finding she loves it when some days we just change our plans and she can totally lose herself in whatever she is reading about

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Time is my number one thing! My husband works strange shifts sometimes and sometimes his work takes him away from home. If our kids were in “regular” school then they wouldn’t see him much at all. Homeschooling allows us to travel with him for work, to sleep in later the next day if his shift was a later one and we had to stay up a bit to say goodnight to him, or to take a day off when he had one! (Or to sleep in because we want to, or take a day off just because…) It’s an amazing blessing to be able to school in this way!

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  3. Hi Shelly! I have just found your blog and absolutely LOVE the lists! How true they are. I can’t think of anything to add, but I can say you have done a great job of summing up what a lot of us can’t say. We feel it, but sometimes have a hard time putting words together, lol. Anyways, thank you for posting these and I look forward to reading much more 🙂
    Stacey Lynn

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  4. I don’t get it. Why do we have to prove that homeschooling is better? Why not just accept that some kids will do better homeschooled, and others will prefer public school? I don’t understand the need to prove something that is essentially unprovable. Some kids hate homeschool and do not thrive with it. But that’s OK. My choice is best for my family.

    It doesn’t threaten, or bother me, that there are benefits to public school. I know that homeschooling offers lots of benefits too. Honestly, you seem a bit defensive with this post.


    1. To be honest, I think the sheer number of teachers who are leaving the profession in frustration and, sometimes, even homeschooling their own children is proof enough for me. Schools just are not what they once were. John Taylor Gatto, who won multiple teacher of the year awards for NY city and NY state, wrote some fascinating books on the issue of public education. One of his most popular quotes is, “I quit teaching school because I was no longer willing to hurt children.”


  5. I also think it’s silly to pretend that public school is just sitting and doing worksheets. From what I’ve seen, that is far from true. Public school doesn’t have to be “bad” in order for homeschool to be “good.”


    1. I think you’ll find that schools that aren’t focused solely on test prep are few and far between. And this isn’t just an issue I’ve picked up since I started homeschooling. Back before I ever even considered homeschooling, my kids’ elementary school decided to stop a decades-long tradition of kids decorating Valentine boxes and passing cards out to each other in class. This was something all of the kids always looked forward to. In the principal’s words- “This is time we need for test prep.” The parents were livid, and two of the teachers approached me confidentially and asked me to please speak up about it. The teachers felt the same way as the parents, but their hands were tied, and they couldn’t say anything. The local TV station even came to my house to interview me about it, so, like I said, this isn’t an issue I only bring up because I homeschool. I’ve lived it.


        1. Yes, you did. It looks like fun. I’m going to have to see if I can fit it in. May and June are crazy times for me with evaluations, standardized tests, reviews, and posts I’ve already committed to. I will try!

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  6. I had a terrible memory… When I was in the forth grade a teacher tought the students how to cheat in a test (this is true). After that, I was homeschooled from the fifth grade until now. And I agree that homeschooling is better. Nice post.

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  7. When you mentioned the library, I had a flash of memory from my childhood… I was never homeschooled, but my Mother always encouraged my curiosity and was happy to provide me with any and all materials to explore – including a full set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. She would frequently find me sitting on the floor in front of the bookcase with open encyclopedias all around me. I would look something up out of curiosity and while reading the entry there would be a reference to another article so I would look it up and then that would lead to something else and… You get the idea. I could spend hours researching nothing and everything and I loved every minute!
    Thank you for both of these articles! 🙂

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