Love Disney’s Tangled? Try This Free Unit Study!

Free Tangled Unit Study!!

The first time I ever saw Tangledwe were in the midst of our experiment with unschoolingI excitedly pointed out to my kids how Rapunzel would have been the perfect unschooler because she was just so…productive!

Today I whipped up a unit study just for you based on this movie- which happens to be my favorite Disney movie ever. Hopefully, your kids will be as inspired as we were!


FREE Tangled Unit Study

Recommended Resources:

Tangled– movie

Rapunzel– Brothers Grimm

Tangled Ever After– Disney short movie

Castle– David Macaulay

The Vikings– Elizabeth Janeway


-Watch Tangled before or after the unit begins. (Fun)

-Read the story of Rapunzel aloud. (Literature)

-Make a “magic flower” out of tissue paper. Hide it for someone else to find it. (Art, Fun)

Make a Chinese lantern out of construction paper. Be sure to decorate it with a sun! (Art)

-Find out what hair is made from. (Science)

-Pascal is a chameleon. Write a report on these little reptiles. (Language Arts, Science)

-Rapunzel always kept herself busy while she was trapped in the tower. Try some of these activities she liked to do:

-Talk about the importance of good hygiene. (Health)

-Make your own daily schedule. (Life Skills)

-Make a cardboard castle and learn about them. (Art, History)

-Build a tower out of blocks or LEGO. (Art)

– Choose a famous king or queen to learn about. Write a report. (History, Language Arts)

-Rapunzel uses her hair as a pulley. How do pulleys work? (Science)

-A pulley is a simple machine. What are the other simple machines, and how do they work? (Science)

-Study the constellations. Go out on a clear night and view the stars with a telescope or a pair of binoculars. (Science)

-Visit a stargazing club. (Science, Field Trip)

– Using chalk pastels, create a picture of Rapunzel’s tower. Don’t forget the waterfall behind it! (Art)

Make a crown out of construction paper. Don’t forget to add some glitter to make it shine! (Art)

-Make some hazelnut soup. (Life Skills)

-Walk around barefoot in the grass. Write a descriptive paragraph about what it was like. Use lots of adjectives! (Language Arts)

-Rapunzel has mixed emotions about leaving the tower. Why do you think that is? (Critical Thinking, Character)

-Rapunzel and Flynn met some Viking-type ruffians at the pub. Who were the Vikings? (History)

-Read The Vikings(Literature, History)

-What do you dream of doing or becoming someday? Write an essay, poem, or song about it. (Language Arts, Social Studies, Music)

-Rapunzel and Flynn had to go through quite a bit to escape from the pub. Make an obstacle course in your yard and run through it several times. Make it challenging! (Physical Education)

-Rapunzel’s hair glows. Learn about insects and animals that glow. (fireflies, angler fish, bioluminescent plankton, etc.) (Science)

-Make the purple and yellow sun flag. (Art)

-Listen to Celtic music. Try dancing a jig. (Music, Physical Education, Social Studies)

-Watch “Riverdance.” (Fine Arts, Social Studies)

-Light some Chinese lanterns and watch them float up into the sky. How do they work? (Science)

-Who was your favorite character, and why? Write about your favorite scenes in the movie. (Language Arts)

-Write an alternate ending. (Language Arts)

-Watch “Tangled Ever After,” a six minute sequel to the original. Trust me, it’s hilarious. (Fun)

If you’re looking for more movie-based unit studies, head on over to:

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Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

11 thoughts on “Love Disney’s Tangled? Try This Free Unit Study!”

  1. Tangled was on of my favorites! Love the strong female character! You have listed so many great ideas. I think I will have to watch it again with my 11 year old daughter and do some of these. It will be great summer fun (learning)!

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