My Eight Brothers: A Sister’s Memoir – Review

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Have you ever read Little Men by Louisa May Alcott? 

Written as a sequel to Alcott’s critically acclaimed Little WomenLittle Men was a beautifully written book which chronicled the lives of a group of boys who were being “homeschooled” by Jo March. More than once, I was completely inspired by the curiosity, energy, and love of nature that “Jo’s boys” had and wished I could instill in my own children.

So when I was given the chance to read My Eight Brothersby Martha Morton Alexander, I was interested in whether this true story about eight homeschooled brothers (amongst several sisters) would be anything like it. 

I’m so happy to say that yes, indeed, it is.

Set in southern Georgia, I actually had to remind myself that the tales of this family happened in contemporary times because the adventures of these boys were so reminiscent of the sorts of things “Jo’s boys” did.

Whether playing out imaginary battle scenes in their forest fort, catching wild animals to try to keep as pets, or working long hours with their father in construction, this book reminds us of the fact that we can come out of our technological holes in this day and age and begin to explore and appreciate the wonder of nature, once again.

I’ll be honest – my kids love screens. Sometimes, I think they love them a little too much. While they love to go outside, they are definitely less interested in it than they were before they got their phones/tablets.

This is something I’d like to change.

Because of this, I’ve decided to use My Eight Brothers as a read-aloud this year. Having one chapter dedicated to each brother, it’s written as a beautiful illustration of each boy’s personality, his interests, and his shenanigans.

Like I said, a modern-day Little Men…just like I hoped it would be.

About the author:

Martha Morton Alexander grew up amongst 11 siblings and loving parents on a lively farm in the deep south. She captures the beauty and chaos of the everyday in a humorous and honest way in her first book. She loves books, writing, babies, the outdoors, and pizza. She adores her husband and baby girl, and together they are currently taming a small wilderness in south Georgia.

She can often be found with a lapful of small children, recounting the stories of life made very happy through Jesus.



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