I Will Not Apologize About My Public School Stance

Sometimes the truth hurts.

As many of you are aware, one of the issues I am most vocal about is my criticism of the public education system. This isn’t something I do because I’m trying to make people mad. Inevitably, however, I do realize that my posts and videos are likely to ruffle a few feathers.

I’m okay with that.

Truth be told, I am far more concerned about getting the word out about the true purpose and history of the public school system. It is my firm belief that if people were aware of these things, at least some of them would think twice about exposing their kids to this toxic environment. (Sorry, but I’m not pulling any punches.)

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten some comments on my YouTube channel suggesting that I should stop speaking on this issue because, as a homeschool mom, I shouldn’t belittle other educational methods.

Here is my response.


Homeschooling and education are my passion. It is my fervent hope to one day devote more time to creating content for you. If you’d like to support this ministry, consider supporting me on Patreon.

Thank you so much. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

19 thoughts on “I Will Not Apologize About My Public School Stance”

  1. We know how there is a double standard out there. Homeschooling parents are attacked on multiple levels, but if a parent that homeschools their child dares to criticize the public school system then we’re treated as though we don’t have a right to express our view.

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  2. I appreciate you standing by your beliefs whether or not they are popular. The world needs many more people willing to kindly and confidently express their views. Thank you!

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  3. If people were really interested in education reform (which you hear about now and then), there would be effort to promote alternatives to the public system – home schooling, co-operatives, apprenticeship and mentoring, self-directed learning centers, etc. One size does not fit all. More than regurgitating facts and waiting to be told what to do, people need to be effective problem-solvers. From where I sit, problem-solving and creative thinking and initiative to find solutions is not taught in public school or any traditional school. I also find it interesting how many times I have read about public school teachers (or former teachers) who would never send their on children to public school. Hhhmmmmm…..

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  4. Please remember that the vast majority of us who are teaching in the public schools are not there for a paycheck. We are there because we passionately care about the children. We know that children need to learn to think, and believe me, that is a struggle to accomplish. Many of our subjects are not so welcoming to that. Many of our subjects are much more concerned about where their next meal is coming from on one end of the spectrum or the games they will play at home on the other end of the spectrum. The impact of home either makes our job easy or very difficult. In my opinion, at this point in history, home plays a much larger role than the leaders of the industrial revolution. I personally homeschooled our four children for about 20 years and then God opened the door for me to return to the task of teacher at a public school. I view it as a ministry–and I am not alone in that. Ours is not an easy task, I assure you. It is a burnout task. Thanks for listening.

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    1. I agree. And thank you for what you do. Unfortunately, I truly believe the establishment of compulsory schooling had a hand in the breakdown of the family unit. In fact, John Dewey even stated that he hoped the school institution would serve to lessen the influence of the church and the family. Pre-compulsory schooling, family was absolutely central to everything. Once kids were taken out of the home to the point that kids began seeing their teachers more than their parents, the family unit began to suffer. Adults no longer have that model of what good parenting looks like because people are now too used to NOT being with their kids, hence the back-to-school celebrations. It’s very sad.


  5. I have really been encouraged by your videos. I just started homeschooling in November. My 10th grade daughter started the year with an online school (also a first). We both hated it and I felt like it was just like public school. I was drawn to home school for a number of reasons. One is that as my 3 daughters get older I realized the time I have left with them is short. I feel like the public school has gotten the best years of my children’s lives. When they get home they don’t want to do anything else. It’s like they have been at work all day. All of their teachers have been great but I want my kids. I don’t wan to give them away. Another reason that I wanted to home school my 15 year old daughter is because she is more interested in art, and being creative. She has no desire to study cells or history or geometry. So I have tailored everything to art. She is doing Khan academy for math. Duo-lingo for French. I have a list of books for her to read. She writes in her journal every day. But for the most part she can draw, paint, sew and just be herself. I have only had about 2 months to put a program together but it is slowly developing. I went to you tube for advice and your unschooling philosophy has been the biggest inspiration to me. Thanks so much.

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  6. Oh Shelly, how I’ve missed your blog. I don’t miss my name being added to your FBI file, but with all the sasquatch /alien googling I do, I’ve probably got my own. Hey…maybe your on mine, teeheehee.

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      1. Moved cross country and got really really tired lol. I have POTS, basically means I have to take a nap after I load the dishwasher. But, feeling better and fingers are aching to write again.

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            1. We need to chat about exact locations, we could meet in the middle with ease! My kiddos need some normal people to socialize with. And by normal, I mean completely not at all normal, lol.

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