My Daughter’s in the Hospital. Please Pray.

Today I posted a short video about what’s been going on with my daughter and how she’s doing right now.

I appreciate your prayers and support so much. I’ve been getting a lot of recommendations regarding natural/homeopathic treatment. Believe me, I’ve read lots about it, and I’ve tried what I could afford to, but nothing has helped when she gets flare ups. She takes a natural supplement, and it’s fantastic when she’s feeling good, but it doesn’t do much in times like this. Same goes with the food she’s eating. She doesn’t eat dairy or gluten, but once she’s to this stage, even the food doesn’t make much difference.

I know there are naturopathic doctors out there, but it all comes down to $$$$. We just don’t have it, so we have to go where insurance takes us. Unfortunately, the price of natural treatments is just way too high for a lot of people, and, yeah, that is another contributor to why people are so sick.

Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

8 thoughts on “My Daughter’s in the Hospital. Please Pray.”

  1. Shelly, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family right now during this difficult time in history. May YHWH be with you and protect your family through His son, Christ Jesus. Amen!
    By the way, I love your homeschool videos and you have helped me alot!!
    The Silva Family


  2. Hi Shelly,
    I pray the Lord will bring you strength and you will feel His presence as you try to balance everyday needs that are semi set aside while the focus is seeing your daughter healed. I pay God would intervene with His mighty healing hand and do as we are asking. I ask the Lord that he would give your daughter courage and relief as she endures this trial. I would pray the Lord would bless you with what you physically, mentally and spiritually need to move through this time. In Jesus Name! Sending prayers love and encouragement. Be strong and courageous for He is with you and your daughter!
    juliet schleede and family



  3. Hi Shelly- I will pray, and I am also copying and pasting our testimony about my husbands battle with Chrons disease…If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Jeff developed the beginning of Crohns in 1998.  We originally thought it was from drinking water from a spring on some property we were looking at.  We did multiple tests and saw mulitple natural doctors.  No one could give us any answers.  It began as intense stomach pain and terrible eczema all over his body.  We moved to a new area and his symptoms stayed the same, but his fistula had developed as well.  We saw an MD in our new area and he immediately thought Crohns and referred us to a gastro.  By then my husband was almost always in constant pain, and could do little more than work at his job.  We were given a copy of “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” but that was before we were online, and we were coming off being vegan, so the ideas of eating presented there were just undoable at that time for us. 
    He developed a fistula that was from his colon out through his butt cheek.  The surgery consisted of opening and draining the fistula because it was very infected.  He was told at that time that drugs were his only option, and that what he ate did not matter.
    He continued to suffer with Crohns for another 6 years.  He had flares all the time, he always felt bad, but sometimes he felt really bad.  They had done a colonoscopy and found a constriction in his intestine that they could not get past and wanted to operate.  The biopsies all came back with no cancer, and my husband refused.  In 2006 he went on Remicade.  He still had bad days, but he felt better.  One infusion he blew up like a balloon, and they switched him to Humira.  Again, that helped.  He was able to do more around our farm, and he felt better, but still had bad days.  He was also exhibiting mental symptoms that I now attribute to his body not digesting and absorbing his food. 
    We were introuduced to the GAPS diet at that in 2011.  I thought it was not doable.  We had 4 children, and I was pregnant with our 5th.  But I learned about it and found out it was based on the SCD.  One day I read the insert in the Humira and was horrified that the side effects were terminal, specifically in a white make in his 30’s. My husband was also not himself mentally, so I told him (and myself) that we were doing this…or else……
    We worked with a Dr Thomas Cowan out of San Francisco CA who then took patients out of state and worked over the phone.  He was an MD as well as a GAPS practitioner.  He put us on the full GAPS diet (cause hubs was so thin, he did not think he could do the stages without loosing weight) as well as Low Dose Naltrexone, cod liver oil and probiotics.  We began to slowly wean off the Humira.  First going 3 weeks, then a month, and so on. Soon it was 3 months, and he had not done an injection, and he began to wonder if the GAPS diet was healing him.  After about 6 months on the GAPS  diet while weaning off the Humira  he stopped having bad days.  He has never taken another injection.
    We stayed on the GAPS diet for 3 years.  His symptoms were all gone and he was gaining a bit of weight and feeling great.  Unfortunately we got cocky and went whole hog back into eating anything.  that was fine for about 3 years, but last year I began to notice the mental stuff, constant gas and eczema coming back.  This spring we decided that we will do GAPS/SCD for life.  The kitchen time and the ease of eating whatever is just NOT worth going back on Humira, having good and bad days and possibly living with flares and fistulas.  And the good news is that his symptoms cleared up right away when we went back to that way of eating.  He is not taking the Low Dose Naltrexone any longer, but is taking the probiotics and the cod liver oil. He has never had a flare or a bad day since about 6 months on the GAPS diet.
    I strongly encourage you to research the GAPS diet. I think it is more healing than SCD because if focuses on the broths and probiotics as well as keeping away from the carbs that mess with Crohns.  My husbands gastro told him that medication and surgery were his only options.  He told him that what he ate did not matter.   He was WRONG.  When we went back after those 3 years and told him he was healed, he yelled at my husband and told him to get back on the meds, you cant heal Chrons, and he was going to most likely die if he did not listen to him.   We have not been back since


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