5 Days of Christmas Lists- 25 Christmas Goodies to Make with Your Kids

Wow. I can’t believe the last day of the 5 Days of Christmas Hopscotch has already arrived. It’s been a fun week, hasn’t it?

To recap, this week I’ve suggested 25:

Christmas books

Christmas activities

Christmas specials, and…

Christmas crafts

If that hasn’t given you some Christmas inspiration, I don’t know what will!

But it’s not over yet…today I’m going to give you… 

25 delicious Christmas goodies you can make with your kids.


I know, I know…you could make them by yourself, but as a homeschool mom, I can’t help but to see the learning potential in everything. Working in the kitchen alongside your kids is great for life skills, learning fractions, multiplying and dividing, adding and subtracting, and art, but most importantly it is a precious bonding time you’ll look back on with fondness when your kids are grown.

Now enough with the babbling and on with the inspiring!


1.The Grinch cookies by Simplistically Living

2.Snowflake Oreo pops by Frazzled and Frugal

3.Hanging gingerbread cookies by Food, Folks, and Fun

4.Easy Christmas bark by Back for Seconds

5.Mini gingerbread cakes by Made with Happy

6.Chocolate chip walnut cookies by Courtney’s Cookbook

7.Cookie cutter fudge by Betty Crocker

8.Peppermint Rice Krispies Treats Snowballs by She Wears Many Hats

9.Red and green layered cupcakes by Sugar Swings

10.Rudolph no-bake cookies by Emily Reviews

11.Christmas tree brownie pops by Five Heart Home

12.Strawberry Santas by Smart School House

13.Chocolate-dipped Oreo snowflakes by I Heart Naptime

14.Kris Kringle Christmas cookies by Kim’s Cravings

15.Chocolate marshmallow cookies by Kleinworth and Co.

16.Easy snowman cupcakes by One Little Project at a Time

17.Snowman cake pops by Tasty Kitchen

18.Gingerbread cutouts by Betty Crocker

19.Shortbread cookies by An Italian in My Kitchen

20.Christmas tree waffles by Kids Activities Blog

21.Strawberry Christmas tree brownie bites by The Fab Web

22.Krispie Treat Christmas trees by Raining Hot Coupons

23.Snack cake penguins by Hungry Happenings

24.Peanut butter cup and Swiss Roll reindeer by Sweet Simple Stuff

25.Mini ice cream cookie sandwiches by Working Mom Magic

I’m telling you, these 25 recipes don’t even make a dent in the amount of delectable Christmas recipes circulating these days. Feel free to follow my Kid-Friendly Recipes board on Pinterest, which is where I found each and every one of these mouthwatering desserts.

Now it’s your turn- what are your favorite holiday recipes to make with your kids?


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Author: Shelly Sangrey

I'm Shelly, a Christ-following, homeschooling Mom of eleven children ( okay, not ALL children. My oldest is 23.) I met my husband right after graduation, and we've been together ever since. Though my life can be hectic at times... okay, ALL the time, I wouldn't change it for anything.

19 thoughts on “5 Days of Christmas Lists- 25 Christmas Goodies to Make with Your Kids”

  1. Mama and I are gonna bake cookies with my babies next Sat. It should be a treat! But we’re using slice and bake dough!
    PP can still roll it out, and use cookie cutters!
    The other day I was lost for hours on Pinterest, looking at kid crafts!

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